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10 Easy Ways to Make an Impact on the World

The most impactful life coaches in the world have one trait in common. No matter how different their world views are, ultimately, they are aiming to invoke the best version of yourself and to propagate a happier person.

It goes without saying that people who are happy within are some of the most successful in various aspects of life. They influence people around them to move upwards into a happier space too.


How best can one make an impact on the world?


  1. Improve focus and direction

The ability to clearly identify your goals and identify paths to arrive at them is the key to performing better at work. You have to work towards being at your most productive state. People tend to lose focus of their dreams. Impart this mindset in people in order to remain focused. Work on ways to make best use of the wandering mind. From simple tools like making a list of things to do, to practicing yoga and meditation techniques help in sharpening focus. Work out a path to arrive at your goal. It is wise to always have a fallback plan in case there are hurdles on the way. You will find that your goal looks attainable all of a sudden.


  1. Connect better

You might have the best ideas and solutions for any situation, but you lack the ability to nurture interpersonal relationships. How will you convey your innermost feelings to others? Being able to connect is a skill that can be acquired with the right tools. Work on your networking skills in order to connect at a deeper level more effectively. You will see for yourself the difference this makes to your efforts at impacting the world.


  1. Foster good friendships

One does not need a large number of friends – the warmth and goodwill that a genuine friendship generates is worth much more than multiple meaningless friendships. Cherish each of your friendships and nurture them for a lifetime. The positivity and vibes you will be blessed with are priceless. Be there for your friends at all times. You will see how much goodwill this creates.


  1. Become a forecaster

Not everyone has the ability to look into the unknown future and provide concrete inputs. If you have that skill, put it to great use by becoming a forecaster. Many a life will change for the better. Having an inkling of what lies ahead removes uncertainty from life and creates an atmosphere of calm confidence.


  1. Have confidence to speak up

Another skill that is essential to making an impact is the ability to speak up and put forth your thoughts confidently. InnerCamp offers many workshops to develop your confidence. Engage in a productive partnership with InnerCamp today! Try some of our programs to transform yourself. You will see the difference in your attitude and productivity.


  1. Be a great listener

Believe us when we say that so many people out there are just waiting for someone to hear them. Bring yourself to the table as a conduit. You are there to put yourself in the role of a listener, without passing judgements. Steady eye contact, a cheerful countenance and hearing the person out responsively is all it takes. The person opposite you is craving to be heard. Being patient is the key. The main aim is to put the other person completely at ease so that he/she feels free to unburden his/her soul.


  1. Go the extra mile

Remember you can never do enough for someone you care for, or for that matter, anyone at all. You have been blessed to have it all but not everyone might be in such a situation. Go all the way to help out someone in need. They will appreciate the amount of dedication you are putting into the relationship.


  1. Power of trust

In these days of increased scepticism and cynicism, one needs to work towards generating trust. It is the heart and soul of any relationship. When you trust a person completely you feel secure and safe in their presence. Events are unfolding around us all the time in a way that we become fearful. People tend to withdraw within themselves rather than being open and free with others. Empower yourself with techniques and wisdom so that people feel comfort in your presence. Earning someone’s trust is a long process but once that is achieved, it is one of the most powerful and liberating experiences. Learn to trust and be trustworthy towards others. Your relationships will thrive like never before.


  1. Power of vulnerability

Unlike the thoughts that first come to mind with the word ‘vulnerability’, it is not to be associated with weakness or shame. On the contrary, you need to harness this power to its fullest so as to make an impact on the world. People try to protect themselves from emotions like disappointment and shame by creating a wall around them. They fear exposing their emotions, and of appearing to be vulnerable. Arm yourself with tools to deal with such situations. Help people feel secure in their vulnerabilities. Reach out to them with love and impress upon them the joys of a beautiful new world of trust and warmth. Harvest the power of vulnerability to reach deep within a person and draw out the best in them.


  1. Love yourself

The most important way to impact the world is to begin loving yourself. Work towards harnessing the best version of who you can be. This will immediately reflect on the state of your relationships. A content and confident person will bring the same vibes to a relationship. Every interaction of yours will be touched by a new warmth and comfort. You will see the change and positivity this brings about.


It is time you showed yourself some love.

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