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5 Secrets of People who Transmit Positive Energy 

Haven’t we all come across some people who always wear a smile, no matter what? And how they fill their surroundings with radiating warmth and joyfulness!

Is it that they have everything going for them? It is, in fact, the other way round. Happy people have a way of focusing on the positives in every situation and making the most of each situation.  

What are the secrets of people who transmit positive energy?  


They smile more often  

It is a proven fact that people who smile often are happier. And vice versa too! People who are happy smile more. Psychology studies have shown that smiling more often leads to increased happiness, health and longevity. Many a time smiling does not come naturally. Know that one needs to work towards this. Make smiling a habit and a conscious effort, even when you are not feeling like smiling; in fact even more so.   

Why do we say this? Smiling involves activating a group of muscles in the body. These same muscles are related to emotions of happiness in the brain. Isn’t that a wonderful thing to happen? And what does it cost? Simply nothing at all! Initially one needs to get into the habit of smiling. In fact, one ought to make sure there is some way to smile through the day. Practice doing this every day.  


They are grateful for everything they have  

A very endearing trait of happy people is that they are grateful for everything. Happiness lies in the smallest of things around us. The trick is to be grateful that this happened. They also realize how precious life is because of all the wonderful things that have happened to them. Thankfulness is a trait that is very precious. We all have blessed lives and have so much. Recognizing this fact is itself a recipe for happy smiles to break out.  


They grow constantly and mental fitness is important for them  

Another secret of happy people is that they endeavour to evolve constantly. Self-improvement and mental wellness is a goal for them. The ability to recognize one’s shortcomings and working towards a better version of themselves is vital to maintaining happiness and radiating positive energy. This is where a platform like InnerCamp comes in very useful. We have programs and life coaches who work using different tools and techniques to help people become the best version they can be.  


They do what they have decided to do  

People who give an aura of happiness and positive energy are generally very clear and focused on their goals. They know exactly what they want to do with their life and their job, and how to work towards achieving this.   

In other words, once they have a goal in mind, they find ways and means to reach their goal. When the mind is so focused on intent and result, there is no self-doubt clouding the mind. This automatically means they are better able to focus their energies on the more rewarding aspects of life. Naturally, this will lead to more positive thoughts and a happy disposition.  


They know themselves  

Last and definitely the most important, happy and contented people know themselves very well. In other words, they are in touch with the real person within. They are not plagued by negativity or insecurity. Getting connected with one’s inner self is not something that most people give a thought to.   

There is often a superficial course of existence going on with most people. The focus is more on external gratification rather than internal healing and happiness. People who are always happy and full of positivity have a reason for being so. They are self-assured about themselves and who they are. They have connected to their inner self and are always working towards betterment.  


Happiness is a state of mind that can be achieved with a bit of mental conditioning. It is not easy to achieve on one’s own and decidedly better when there is someone guiding and showing the way. After all, everyone owes themselves happiness and wellness. External means and possessions can only provide superficial happiness.  


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