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7 Easy Ways to Instantly Be More Confident

A person who seems in charge of any situation and exudes confidence is what most of us aspire to be.

Who would not like to stride confidently with self-belief?

Such a person radiates positivity and a sense of being in control. It is expected that they will evoke feelings of admiration and a cult following among many. People look up to such role models and want to become like these people.


What is it that sets these people apart?


It must be their clothes or the way they seem to have the best of everything, we tend to think. At some level, everyone is looking to be like these people.

We wish to radiate energy and purpose in every move. The thing is: it is not about external factors at all. If that had been so, everyone would have purchased a wardrobe of clothes and rocked the world.

The confidence and self-assurance that is so sought after is a quality that can be acquired. There are certain traits that one needs to cultivate. It is more about self-development than anything else.


What are the ways in which one can gain in confidence? Let us take a look here:


Know yourself

How many of us know who we really are? It is important to get in touch with the real person within. What one truly is and what your goals are in life? Learn to cast aside trappings and false layers, and seek out the true person within.


Be yourself

There is no need to fall into a prescribed pattern of behaviour. Being true to who you really are eases the conflict within and will set you on a journey of achievement with ease. This is the way people move ahead with confidence in their abilities.


Love yourself

One of the most important things anyone can do is to love themselves. Accepting who you are is the first step towards this. It will be a forward journey from here on. It is not always easy though. As a society we are conditioned to be self-critical and to focus our attention on external gratifications. It is okay and in fact desirable to seek help and guidance in the initial days. InnerCamp runs dedicated programs aimed at promoting self-love. Many of our users have begun their journey to self-assurance after attending one of these programs.


Stick to your values

The need to conform to societal norms and laws often has us projecting a different self to whom we really are. Never put on a ‘mask’. Remaining true to oneself is the best way forward.


Know your strengths

Knowing who you are lead to realizing your strengths. Each of us is blessed with certain character traits that can be harnessed for best results. Analyze and highlight these.


Improve your limitations

Where do you lack? Pinpoint these areas in the journey towards self-improvement. Whether emotional or mindset drawbacks, it is important to know what could be pulling you down. This is a crucial part of self-awareness.


Become your best version

We need to equip ourselves with the required tools in order to overcome our shortcomings and work towards a complete individual.

Remember it is from within that the confidence and assurance springs from. So many of us are looking and seeking outside for these qualities. In other words, the exact opposite of what is really needed. Work on the best resource you have – yourself. Acquire the skills that will help you to know yourself best and bring out the best in yourself. That is the only way towards confidence.

You will find an amazing change within. No longer will you be dependent on factors like good clothes or fancy accessories to feel confident. There will not be the need to seek ‘approval’ from others. Knowing and loving yourself will do it for you.


There are a host of programs and online interactive platforms on InnerCamp that help with this aspect. We begin where it matters most – self-love.

Schedule a free exploration session with us to find out more!


Do this, for yourself. You deserve the best that you can be.

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