Celebrate this summer solstice by releasing the old (dark) and welcoming the new (light) by practicing Himalayan Kundalini breathwork and sipping a ceremonial cacao drink from the Peruvian Amazon.

Celebrate this summer solstice by releasing the old (dark) and welcoming the new (light)

Time & Location

21 jun. 18:30 – 21:30 CEST

AKKU Holistic Health, Carrer de Balmes, 76, Barcelona, Spain


About the Event

Summer solstice is all about getting together and celebrate as we release the old (dark) and welcome the new (light)!

Ceremonial cacao is a powerful heart opening plant medicine that gives us clarity by enabling us to hear our own inner answers, helps shift emotional blockages and let go of past experiences. It also dissolves negative energy and lifts our spirits so that we can re-align with who we really are and get back on track.

In this workshop you will:

– Take the journey into the heart as you enjoy a warm cup of ceremonial cacao drink with 100% raw organic ceremonial cacao from the Ashaninka tribe of the Peruvian Amazon.

– Set your intentions

– Connect with your breath and foster a heart opening practice with Himalayan Kundalini breathwork techniques

– Release blockages through cacao and movement, accompanied by shamanic drum.

Detoxify your body through rebirthing work, a special technique to help you delve deep inside your own being and letting go of negative emotions carried over from the past. Through this practice, this will encourage a positive energy flow within your body.



Nathasya She is a Sattva Yoga & Meditation Teacher (200RYT), Certified Holistic Health Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki practitioner. She is the founder of AKKU, short for Akarku (translates as ‘my roots’ in Bahasa Indonesia), where she offers personalised health & wellness programs (focus on the connection of mind, body & soul). She studied Sattva Yoga at the foothills of Himalayas with Anand Mehrotra, the founder of Sattva Yoga.
Her passion is to help others realize their true potential and guide them to release the things that have been holding them back. She specializes in empowering people to love themselves again. A lot of the things that she teaches come not only from the education and training she has received but also from her profound personal experiences and intuition.

Alexis He is the founder and CEO of InnerCamp, life coach and facilitator of Transformation processes. Also certified as a facilitator of social meditations and Reiki, Alexis has worked in people management and as a trainer in Europe, Asia and Africa and has experience in business consulting and helping to boost companies of different sizes. In his journey, Alexis discovered that the body, mind and spirit are all a beautiful interconnected web, which can self-cure given the right conditions. He works intuitively and uses his experience in transformation processes to create a safe space for healing and transformation. Practicing a Hygge lifestyle, finding his Ikigai and adopting a Tantric lifestyle has been key to his own transformation process and to creating InnerCamp.