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How to Become an Influencer

Have you ever been totally bowled over and enraptured by a leader or an influencer? Someone who has the capacity to hold you enthralled with their thoughts and ideas. Such encounters often leave us grappling with new ideas and feelings and an urge to do something different with our lives. And that also makes us think how we have been making our journey thus far. 

This leaves the best amongst us wondering what we can do to become like this, to become someone who will have others interested and influenced by their every word and action. Here we take a look at some steps to be able to influence people: 


1. Clear vision and focus.

 One must have crystal-clear vision and focus on what they want from life and ways to arrive there. Also, the ability to think big and foresee the path to glory. This does not come easily and you will need to work on this. You will harness your inner energy and positivity to chart out a path to influence people in a positive way. 


2. Absolute self-belief. 

How can anyone influence others if they are lacking in confidence and self-belief? The first thing about an effective influencer is how they have absolute belief in their abilities. Having the faith that one can turn the tide in an adverse situation is a great trait. 


3. Unabated drive.

 The belief that power lies within to turn a situation favourably around is something that sets apart a great leader. To stand up to authority, to fuel the inner desire from something lacking in their past, this is what helps people move ahead and become role models. 


4. Excellent communication skills

You may be expounding the simplest of things but if your audience remains unclear or muddled at the end of it, the whole purpose is lost. Communicating clearly and effectively in order to engage an audience is a must-have trait. For those who lack this particular skill, it is a good idea to invest time and effort to master it. There are self-development portals like InnerCamp where one can undergo courses to develop this skill. Under the guidance of experienced coaches, you will find yourself excelling in communicating your ideas effectively. 


5. Think out of the box. 

All those people who influence us with life-changing encounters have a trait in common – thinking out of the box. Unusual solutions to seemingly common problems often present astoundingly simple ways out. This is something that sets them apart from the crowd. Also, their ability to think differently from the crowd is often what attracts people to them. 


6. Aiming for more. 

Don’t rest on your achievements, rather strive for more. And then some more. This is how to plan your future, taking one step at a time. One goal is not for you if you wish to make an impact. Taking on challenges head on and always looking ahead is something one needs to do consistently in order to move ahead. 


7. Dogged in their pursuit. 

Failures are part of every venture. Knowing this and still being persistent in your march towards your goal is another favourable trait of achievers. It is easy to get weighed down by failure. Develop a never-say-die attitude to help rise again after each setback. 


8. Walking the talk. 

The best way to influence people positively is to demonstrate intent yourself. Walk the talk. People will relate to a person who is doing what is being propagated. Otherwise, words mean nothing. If you are the one actually doing something that gets people motivated, you will need no icons to quote or make an example of. Becoming living proof of what can be made of life, from the mundane to the extraordinary, is the best and most lasting statement one can make to express a point. 


Leadership qualities are innate in some people. Others work to develop these traits through coaching. 

You have the potential to touch people and spread wellness and positivity in this way. Sign up for the InnerCamp programs to hone your abilities and develop impactful skill-sets.

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