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How to Deal with Anger?

Being angry is a situational response that is also a common emotion among humans. It is one of the many ways we use to deal with a given situation. Throughout a normal day we get peeved, annoyed or angry to various levels depending upon the circumstances. All of this is okay, as long as we remain in control of our emotions. Unfortunately for some, anger becomes an issue to deal with, a volatile entity that has a mind of its own. It is scary when anger controls us, instead of the other way round.

Explosive anger has a way of destroying things precious to us, our families, our relationships, our health, our jobs, and of course our peace of mind. Sadly, it can be difficult to restore relationships after the damage has been done. And most people who have anger issues are in an unhealthy denial about their problem. 


But, how to deal effectively with anger? 


Acknowledge there is a problem.

 This is the first and most important step in the battle with anger. If there are an increasing number of people telling someone they have a problem with anger or ragethe person needs to listen to the message. Being in denial and trying to justify unmanageable rage is not going to take them anywhere. By addressing anger issues; one is opening the door to healthier relationships. Seeking help to address anger issues will be addressed next. 

Breathe deeply.

 Whenever there is anger rising within, whatever the trigger, pausing a moment and breathing deeply helps. On the face of it, this might seem a facile solution but it really does work wonders. Learning to control one’s breathing patterns is therefore of immense importance. As the mind focuses on breathing, it takes the attention away from the issue that was provoking an angry reaction. Techniques like Rebirthing Breathwork can be greatly effective here. InnerCamp offers courses on Rebirthing Breathwork. 

Walk away from the situation.

 Putting a physical distance between oneself and the situation that is creating rage issues is a good way to deal with anger. It helps to put things in proper perspective and consider the situation from someone else’s point of view. Removing oneself from the place and possibly taking a brisk walk is often the best thing one can do under trying circumstances. After all one has no power over an unfortunate happening and there is no way we can change it. What we can do though, is change the way we react to it.

Think logically. 

This technique is not easy to practice, but immensely effective. When a raging person is told to think logically, it is often near impossible and this is the challenge. Practice to control the mind into reasoning and logical thinking. How did the situation come about? Now that it has happened, how can one find a way out of this? 

Try to find humour

This is again a very challenging thing to ask of an angry person but some situations themselves provide humour. Laughing about something does help dissipate the intense feelings. Alternatively one might deliberately watch something funny or hear something that tickles the humour. The flash of anger that was rising within will find an outlet. 

Share your problem with someone.

 Knowing that there is someone to hear out our problem without being judgemental is extremely reassuringTalking about the situation and venting out to that person helps the raging person to cool down. There might not necessarily be a solution but at least the anger is spent. 

Avoid situations that fuel anger.

 There are times when one knows which situations are likely to provoke anger. Avoiding these situations is the best solution. It is always wise to avoid getting into a sticky place that could get the rage juices flowing, thehaving to deal with the consequences of the anger. 

Music therapy helps. 

Listening to a favourite piece of music always helps calm down rage. Positive signals go out to the brain when ambient music is played, that will help deal with anger in an effective manner. 


Anger will not lead to a solution. It can intimidate, alienate or irritate people, and will not solve anything. Do not let yourself enter into such a situation.

Allow InnerCamp to help you by changing your mindset and diverting your thoughts to a more level plane. We have the tools and techniques to help with anger. Learn controlled breathing and mind control methods with us to become the best version of yourself.

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