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How to embrace Hygge in your life

A Hygge lifestyle is a way to approach towards everyday life, events, emotions and people in a careful, gentle, zen and relaxed way. Embracing Hygge in your life is not that difficult, do you want to learn how to change your whole life from your spaces to your mindset in easy and practical steps? Stay with me…

The house is a fundamental aspect of living hygge: let’s see how to turn it into a real nest of happiness and serenity.

Hygge means “being together with your loved ones in an intimate, serene and welcoming atmosphere”: will this be the secret of the happiness of the Danes? Indeed, Denmark dominates the ranking of the happiest countries in the world almost every year!

The word hygge comes from the Germanic expression “hyggja” which means “to think or feel satisfied”: it is an emotional and mental state and is part of Danish culture. All Danes try to spend time with family and friends in an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, trying to make everyone feel at ease. On these occasions we try to leave behind personal problems, trying to be positive, without thinking of personal disagreements. Is it a very natural attitude for them, while we could say the same in our culture? For example, if we think about the meetings of relatives during the holidays we would think otherwise! But let’s see, though starting from a different society, how to benefit from this lifestyle … because being hygge can make us really happier!


The hygge atmosphere at home How to make the atmosphere at home so intimate and welcoming in full hygge “philosophy”? We take our inspiration from the Danish people and how they intend a hygge house. Lighting candles and eating good food (prepared with a lot of love) is certainly very “hygge” and helps to feel more serene and welcomed right in our home. As well as surround ourselves with handmade decorations with natural and very simple materials. But even turning off hi-tech devices and limiting the technology only at certain times is very “hygge” and helps to feel good together.


Let’s see 8 steps to embrace Hygge

1. At the heart of the hygge is the awareness of belonging to a group or a place and of cultivating a bond. This helps us to feel good.

2. At work, Danish people prefer to be seen as they really are: the working culture is based on the absence of hierarchy, communication, collaboration.

3. Social life is important for every person: it guarantees health, longevity and happiness.

4. Let us strive to live the moment well. We try to be with people as if we could give them all the time in the world. Hygge is a way to take care of others, from children to partners or friends.

5. No to aggression: Danish people are always ready to cooperate to avoid quarrels and fights.

6. We learn to build small shelters, physical or soul, in which to take refuge. It is hygge to take a moment to greet a friend, arrange the chairs around the fire or close a door to have a space in which to enjoy a film in peace.

7. “The secret to happiness lies in having a genuine interest in all the details of everyday life,” said William Morris. Even simple actions repeated every day, a profound value. Hygge is like a harmony that blows lightly, for example, in the kitchen while you prepare a tea.

8. Sharing a meal is a moment of hygge: it leads us to be together, nourishing the body and the spirit. Carefully arrange, carefully choose the ingredients and cook them carefully, prepare the meal first, so that everyone can sit at the table together and enjoy the food together …

So, what are you waiting for to embrace Hygge in your life? What are you doing to embrace Hygge? Leave us your comments, we are delightful to hear from you.

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