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How to synchronize your period with the moon

#September 29, 2021

While men live by the energies of the sun, women are cyclical beings and live according to the rhythm of the moon. Both the female and moon cycles are about 29 days long. At least that is the average female cycle, however, we are not all the same. In many cultures, especially the American Indigenous culture, aligning menstruation with the moon was considered a common understanding of femininity. At that time, women always had their periods at the same time. On the full moon or new moon. They gathered in women’s circles, creating a sacred space for connection with each other, their nature, and the moon.

However, although deep down women still desire to feel connected to their nature, modern society and our pace of life have completely disconnected us from the rhythm of nature. Many women no longer live in tune with nature and often suppress their own cycle or anything related to it, such as premenstrual symptoms. They view their cycle as a phenomenon that is dirty and something shameful. To return to their true essence, women can connect with the moon and synchronize their cycle with that of the moon.

The menstrual cycle and the moon cycle

If we look at the female menstrual cycle, we see four phases. If we look at the moon, there are also four phases, at least four main phases that are most commonly spoken of. They represent the four yang (active) phases of the moon: New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon, and Third Quarter Moon. In between, there are four yin (passive) moon phases: Crescent moon, Gibbous Moon, Disseminating Moon, and Balsamic Moon. As you begin to engage and work with these phases, you will notice an ebb and flow, an alternation between active and passive, giving and receiving, outward and inward. Depending on when in the cycle menstruation and ovulation occur, women are either in what is called the “white moon cycle” or the “red moon cycle”. Depending on this, the lunar energies have a different effect on you.

In the white moon cycle, also known as the “good mother cycle”, the new moon represents the first phase and beginning. It is the dark moon and the time when women menstruate. Women are in their most inward, most intuitive phase here. It is the time when women do their inner work, when they are most psychic, planting their seeds and setting their intentions. When the full moon comes, it is the time of flowering and ovulation. During this time, women are the most social, most in the spotlight, and most seen. This phase is especially sexy because when women ovulate, they are juicy and fertile. Women emit pheromones that attract people, and they are more voluptuous. This cycle represents the highest fertility because the water in a woman’s body increases as the moon becomes full. The fertile power of the woman and the full moon come together to create the best conditions for pregnancy. The woman is ready to have a child and take on the role of mother. Therefore, women with a strong desire to have children often have exactly this cycle pattern or their cycle adjusts to this rhythm within a few months. In the white moon cycle, women also experience their energetic and creative peak at the full moon and at the time of ovulation, while at the new moon and their menstruation, they feel the need to retreat, reflect and contemplate.

Women menstruate at full moon and ovulate at new moon. This is called the

However, there is also a reverse cycle. Women menstruate at the full moon and ovulate at the new moon. This is called the “red moon cycle”, also known as the “wise woman cycle”. In the red moon cycle, you also experience a creative peak at the full moon and during menstruation, but in conjunction with a strong need for self-realization and empowerment. At the new moon and at the time of ovulation, you again deal intensely with your shadow sides but use the energy of the moon for your own inner development rather than for physical reproduction.

Both cycles are an expression of female energies and are equally important. Often the cycle changes several times in a lifetime. Depending on circumstances, goals and intentions, it oscillates back and forth between the “red” and the “white” lunar cycle.

These days, however, many women have fallen out of their natural menstrual rhythm. Due to our “unnatural” lifestyles, stress and birth control pills, we have become desensitized and less receptive to the influences of the moon. An irregular cycle is often the result, as is accompanying emotional discomfort before and during menstruation. By consciously observing the menstrual cycle and synchronizing it with the moon, women can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their needs. They will realize that there are recurring patterns and are able to understand their problems as well as find appropriate solutions. In addition, women can use the moon cycle to control their fertility, as this is based on the phases of the moon as described.

How to synchronize the menstrual cycle with the moon cycle

Before you can start synchronizing your menstrual cycle with the moon, get an overview of your current cycle and write it down either in an appropriate app or in a diary. Also take notes on questions like how you feel energetically or health-wise. What is your sleep quality and what do you dream? How do you feel about your sexuality, whether you are in a partnership or not? How do you dress? How do you manage your daily life and what activities do you engage in? How is your ability to concentrate? After a few months, you will notice similarities in your cycle. To get really accurate results, it is advisable to observe your cycle for several months and ideally integrate it into your life. Also make a note of each moon phase so that you can see the natural pattern and rhythm of your cycle and how it matches the current moon phase.

Before you can start synchronizing your menstrual cycle with the moon, get an overview of your current cycle and write it down either in an appropriate app or in a diary. Also take notes on questions like how you feel energetically or health-wise.

Connect with the moon and its energy

To connect with the moon, spend evenings outdoors on a walk, in your garden or on your balcony. Watch the moon and feel its magic. Connect with it to tune into your sacred cycle. The influence of light, tides and the moon on our female cycle has already been scientifically proven.

Sleep with the curtains slightly open when the moon is full, waxing or waning. This allows the moonlight to enter your bedroom and bathe you in its warm light. The more time you spend in the light of the moon, the more your cycle will synchronize with that of the moon. If you have a window in your bathroom where the moonlight shines in, you can also take a bath in the moonlight. But the mere idea of moonlight shining into the bathroom is also very powerful.

Be in nature

Spend as much time in nature as possible and catch natural light. These days, we spend too much time in front of the TV, computer, or mobile phone, which leads to a disconnect from our natural rhythms. Connecting with nature will help you regain your natural rhythm and thus synchronize with the moon.

Avoid hormonal contraceptives when possible

Although hormonal and medical contraceptives have some benefits, they disrupt the female body and limit naturalness. The body becomes confused, and the natural cycle is manipulated. Avoiding hormonal contraceptives helps to find a natural menstrual cycle, connect more with the moon, and thus come into harmony.

Live with the phases of the moon

Tune into the moon through certain rituals. You can perform certain new and full moon rituals for yourself or with other women to fully tune into each phase of the moon. The new moon is an ideal time to refocus, reflect, set new goals and start something. It is especially good for manifesting and planting new seeds. The full moon represents a time of expansion, completion and letting go. Creative rituals such as intuitive painting or vision boarding can support you in your transformation. You can also write down all your goals, thoughts and desires from your rituals in your journal and watch them evolve and come to fruition.


When women begin to see the year as a sequence of repeating cycles, they are able to give appropriate attention and energy to the appropriate phases of the cycle. In this way, the workload can be managed at a high level of performance throughout the year. In the traditional sense, a menstrual cycle “synchronized” with the moon means that menstruation occurs during the new moon phase. Both phases are associated with new beginnings, which is why they are naturally synchronized. However, you can also menstruate during the full moon or during one of the other phases of the moon. Each phase and combination has different effects. It is beneficial to find out what effect it has on you and how you can receive and use the unique energies of the moon for yourself.

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