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ChoosEmpower – the partner that will help you achieve the maximum performance of your team.

We make it easy for you to transform into a company with all the advantages that a large company has.

The investment capacity of large companies is what makes the difference to define a strategy, retain talent, or generate the famous innovative work environments that every worker wants in their day-to-day. What if you could have all this without spending large amounts of money?

About ChoosEmpower

What is ChoosEmpower?

ChoosEmpower is your training and empowerment partner to transform from being a mediocre company to a company capable of being the best version of itself, through obtaining the best versions of its employees.

  • We are experts in coaching, mentoring, training and, in short, empowering you.
  • We help you identify and exploit your strengths and work on your weak areas so they are not a block to achieving your goals.
  • One of our values ​​is transparency. We are that partner that will tell you “things as they are”. Your success is ours and we go all in.
  • We believe in the potential of a company and its employees and we know what key to focus on in each situation and with each person to obtain the necessary results.
  • Our goal is to go to the source of the problem and work on it from there.
ChoosEmpower is your training and empowerment partner

Why should you work with us?

  • Because you are a small or medium company and you cannot afford to give the money to a consulting company with a famous name.
  • Because we are the most professional and economic solution in the market to solve your stagnation.
  • Because you will get a very clear picture of the current situation of the company. You will understand what you need and you will be able to make decisions based on real needs. We are very clear from the beginning because your success is our success.

Who is this program for?

For small or medium-sized businesses with a tight budget that need to:

  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Improve performance and increase productivity
  • Motivate employees
  • Reduce personnel costs (costs related to turnover and non-productivity)
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve the work climate and resolve conflicts
  • Increase productivity and creativity
  • Identify and enhance talent
  • Increase agility
  • Reduce work stress
  • Implement metrics

What makes this program unique?

  • This is a program with high quality standards at an economical price.
  • We do a free health audit of your company.
  • We have vast experience with human resources, with agile methodologies, managers, sales and all the main departments of a company.
  • We offer a very flexible program with an online component.
  • We are specialists in coaching, mentoring and training.
  • We know what we are talking about.

Our history

ChoosEmpower is a company acquired by InnerCamp, a global personal development company.ChoosEmpower was founded by a team of coaches and trainers tired with the traditional model where people have to pay a lot to get good quality.

“We realized that small and medium-sized companies could not access large training consultancies. They could not and did not want to because the culture was completely different. We spoke their language and gave them the flexibility they needed.”

Jesús A. Alcalá – Co-founder of ChoosEmpower in Spain & Latinamerica

Our services

Audit work climate

Coaching for talent retention

Motivational mentoring (individual and collective)

Results coaching

Process coaching

Implementation of the 360º Evaluation

Skill training for new managers

Agile training

“Train the Trainer” Training

Motivational and skill talks

Events organization

Retreats for “team building”



NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)

How do we start?

Book a telephone appointment with us and we will prepare a joint action plan:

  • Onsite audit in your office or by videocall FOR FREE
  • Delivery of the company health report and the improvement needs FOR FREE
  • You hire the services that you consider necessary

Our offices

Space Barcelona

Via Laietana 38 | 08003 Barcelona

Space Madrid

Calle Blasco de Garay 9 | 28015 Madrid

Space Córdoba

Carretera de Castro, 18 | 14009 Córdoba

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