Breathwork for Ancestral Healing will help your clients to release inherited wounds, rewrite their story and reshape their life.

Breathwork for Ancestral Healing will help your clients to release inherited wounds, rewrite their story and reshape their life.

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About the Course

Intergenerational trauma affects us in so many unconscious ways and determines our behavioral patterns. Sometimes the story of your family is looped and you keep repeating the same mistakes of your lineage.

Breathwork for Ancestral Healing is inspired by old Shamanic indigenous wisdom to get clarity, release limiting beliefs, and restore your emotional and spiritual integrity. This specialization module will help you acquire skills to transform the pain of the past into love and forgiveness of the present.

The Program

All modules are pre-recorded and available to view and complete anytime.

Week 1

  • What is Breathwork for Ancestral Healing
  • The power of intention
  • For what themes is the Breathwork for Ancestral Healing style suitable
  • The process in Breathwork for Ancestral Healing
  • How to prepare yourself
  • How to open and close the sacred space

Week 2

  • Shamanic tools you can use during a ceremony and how to use touch
  • How to facilitate online and in-person group sessions
  • How to facilitate one-to-one sessions and what to expect
  • Creating a playlist for the Breathwork for Ancestral Healing

The module is facilitated by

Marjolein Van Ommeren
Marjolein is an InnerCamp Tantra teacher and a Sacred Womb Awakening and Shamanic Healing Practitioner. She strongly believes that we are all healers. Her mission is to help people restore balance in their lives by reconnecting them to their inner light and to help people raise their vibration. She teaches ancient and self-empowering practices which are returning into the awareness of the Western world, helping people to reconnect to their true purpose and aligning their lives.
Alexis Alcalá
Certified executive and personal coach, breathwork master and tantra teacher who intuitively uncovers peoples’ potential so that they feel empowered to unleash that power into their lives and the world. Alexis’ work revolves around people coaching in different spheres of life. He has worked with different companies across Europe, Africa and Asia as a trainer, mentor, manager and coach. He is someone whose life graph took an astounding turnaround when he changed his own life with the method he created.

“This experience has been truly life changing! I have searched for the right breathwork program for years and InnerCamp is exactly what I needed. The structure of the course and schedule made it completely doable while working. It gave me all of the tools that I need to confidently use breathwork with my therapeutic clients. As well as teaching me to find my unique voice as a breathwork facilitator.”

Jen D.

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Frequently asked questions

You can retake the assignment as many times as you need at no additional cost. Please handle each assignment seriously, revise your notes, and study all materials on our e-learning platform.
Yes, you will have a lifetime access to the course. So, if you wish to review a specific topic from the course after you finish it, or take it all over again, you can.
You should be enrolled in our core Breathwork Method Training in order to be able to participate in “Breathwork for Ancestral healing” course. Upon completion of this extra specialization course, you will receive a diploma that certifies your participation.

Covid-19 notice

This event cannot be held with masks or social distancing, so we ask everyone to be responsible and take the necessary steps to protect themselves and others.

In order to provide a safe environment for all attendees, we require proof of a negative COVID result (can be a COVID-19 certificate of vaccination, a PCR or antigen test) taken 72 hours prior to your arrival. Please provide necessary documentation on site.

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