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Breathwork for Ancestral Healing Training

  • At any time
  • Breathwork
  • Online

Breathwork for Ancestral Healing will help your clients to release inherited wounds, rewrite their story and reshape their life

To be eligible for enrollment in this program, it is required that you have successfully completed both Levels 1 and 2 of the InnerCamp Breathwork Method.

Price: 222€
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  • 2 weeks
  • 10+ videos
  • 25 hours in total
  • At any time
  • online course
  • Breathwork

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Help your clients and their families reveal and release inherited wounds.
  • Help your clients release all traumas passed down through genes and create a new legacy.
  • Transform energetic patterns and discover a soul’s true purpose.
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About the Course

Intergenerational trauma affects us in so many unconscious ways and determines our behavioral patterns. Sometimes the story of your family is looped and you keep repeating the same mistakes of your lineage.

Breathwork for Ancestral Healing is inspired by old Shamanic indigenous wisdom to get clarity, release limiting beliefs, and restore your emotional and spiritual integrity. This specialization module will help you acquire skills to transform the pain of the past into love and forgiveness of the present.

The Program

All modules are pre-recorded and available to access and complete anytime.

Facilitated by
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Breathwork for Ancestral Healing Training

  • Week 1

    • What is Breathwork for Ancestral Healing
    • The power of intention
    • For what themes is the Breathwork for Ancestral Healing style suitable
    • The process in Breathwork for Ancestral Healing
    • How to prepare yourself
    • How to open and close the sacred space
  • Week 2

    • Shamanic tools you can use during a ceremony and how to use touch
    • How to facilitate online and in-person group sessions
    • How to facilitate one-to-one sessions and what to expect
    • Creating a playlist for the Breathwork for Ancestral Healing

The training is facilitated by

Alexis Alcalá

  • InnerCamp founder
  • Breathwork master
  • Tantric Embodiment coach
  • Bodywork coach
  • Cacao ceremony facilitator

Internationally acclaimed breathwork master and bodywork & tantric embodiment coach.

Alexis is renowned for his depth of study and ability to communicate ancient wisdom in a practical, encouraging manner, combining extensive science with spirituality.

His deep connection with somatic therapies, coaching, tantra, energy work, transpersonal psychology, and breathwork inspired Alexis to combine these acquired holistic skills and intuitive approach to create his signature method that promotes healing, transformation and the awakening of people’s potential. Alexis is a true mentor of hearts and minds that seek abundance, happiness, and fulfillment.

Marjolein Van Ommeren

  • Breathwork coach
  • Sacred womb awakening
  • Shamanic healing practitioner

Marjolein strongly believes that we are all healers, and her holistic approach is based on this foundation. Her mission is to help people raise their vibration and restore balance in their lives by reconnecting them to their inner light. Marjolein promotes the wisdom of the Womb/Hara Awakening, an ancient, self-empowering practice that is returning to the Western world’s awareness, helping people reconnect to their true purpose and align their lives.

Become a certified Breathwork for Ancestral healing facilitator from the comfort of your home!


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"This experience has been truly life-changing! I have searched for the right breathwork program for years and InnerCamp is exactly what I needed. The structure of the course and schedule made it completely doable while working. It gave me all of the tools that I need to confidently use breathwork with my therapeutic clients. As well as teaching me to find my unique voice as a breathwork facilitator."

Jen D.
Breathwork Teacher Training

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