With Dating Coaching, we help you to improve your success in dating and relationships.

Through discussion, role-playing, behavior modeling, and other forms of direction, we train you to meet and attract romantic partners. We focus on topics important to the art of dating: interpersonal skills, flirting, psychology, sociology, compatibility, fashion and recreational activities.


At InnerCamp, we use coaching conversations to understand your needs and give you the best advice. We know that every person is different and has different needs. We don´t use general guidelines and rules, rather we use personalized recommendations based on what your values are, your mission and vision in Life and your individual needs.


In our sessions, we will also uncover your blind spots and reveal how you show up in relationships. You will learn how to break limiting beliefs, develop healthy connections and use the proper strategies to boost your confidence and success in dating and relationships.

We also offer advice on the following topics:

  • Best tools and platforms to find the right romantic partner
  • Online dating and how to rewrite your online profile to obtain better results
  • The art of conversation
  • How to dress
  • Appropriate forms of touch
  • Science of love
  • Tantra



  • 1-hour coaching session
  • Advice & recommendations
  • Exercises to practise after the session
  • Helpful videos

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