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Ritual for the feminine cycle

  • Tantra

Learn new tools to help you become in tune with your cyclic nature!

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  • Apr 13, 2023
  • 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm Europe/Madrid
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About this Workshop

Women go through many seasons in their lives. Some seasons are for welcoming what comes through our path with open arms, and some for letting them go so that we can feel light as a feather.

Being a woman teaches us to give birth to ourselves over and over again, creating, dissolving, constantly evolving, and renewing. The cyclic nature of our journey is evident in our monthly menstrual pattern. Menstruation and fertilization both depend heavily on your ovaries. They create the hormones progesterone and estrogen as well as eggs for fertilization. According to Taoist theory, our ovaries have the highest concentration of Original Qi, which makes sense if you consider that each egg carries sufficient yang energy to produce an entirely new human life. When an egg is not fertilized and runs out of our menstrual blood, most of this energy is wasted.

Join Sara in this workshop to learn new tools to help you become in tune with your cyclic nature!

This workshop is facilitated by

Sara Tonini

  • Breathwork coach
  • Earth steward
  • Soul alchemist
  • Womb-wisdom keeper
  • Tantric Embodiment coach

Sara is the scientist and the shaman, the academic and the witch. Her approach represents the bridge between the structured logic and the fiery creativity. As her career as a researcher was busy, Sara recognised the need to balance her life and started to embark on a journey of radical self-love through embodiment practices. She now shares her soul medicine through yoga, meditation and pranayama, conscious dance, cyclical living awareness, sex and intimacy coaching based on Tantra teachings and conscious breathwork.

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How to prepare for the session:

  • Take time to reflect on your intentions and motivations before attending the workshop.
  • Find a quiet and secure space where you feel comfortable and safe and where you cannot be overheard by others.
  • Prepare your space to be sacred and special. You can use candles, create a small altar, use any numerous symbolic figures for you. It is vital that you establish an environment where you are excited to be, and you feel safe and protected.
  • Allow and accept your emotions without resistance or judgment.
  • Be prepared to let go of any preconceptions or judgments about the practice and approach it with an open mind.
  • Remember that it is okay to pause or take a break if you feel overwhelmed or triggered.

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