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Do you feel overwhelmed in today’s male-dominated world? Do you keep hitting your head on your “glass ceiling,” unable to climb to a position of power as a woman? Do you want to grow your career, or just feel more empowered as a female in everyday life? Enough questions. InnerCamp has the answers you seek.

Our Women Empowerment gurus will walk this journey with you, sharing their years of experience and wisdom. Learn how irrational beliefs are holding you back, how to rise into a position of power in male-dominated fields, how to ooze confidence in everything you do, and how to stop caring about what people think of you.

This is more than just coaching. InnerCamp’s Women Empowerment Program is the only solution of its kind to COMBINE coaching AND self-development training. If you want to transform your entire life from the inside out, this is it.



  • 6-week program
  • 4 x 45-minute coaching sessions
  • 1-hour women empowerment consulting session
  • Virtual retreat
  • Chat with your coach via the app
  • Helpful videos
  • Easy exercises

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