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We want to make the world a better place while empowering people to Iive their best lives—filled with happiness, love and light. We strive to give people the tools to transform themselves from the inside out and to learn how to find happiness in even the most mundane things. Our mission is rooted in honesty and integrity while our approach in environmentally-conscious professional and personal transformations.

Our new office in Barcelona, Spain:

Innercamp team members - Gema Sánchez-Cabezudo

Gema Sánchez-Cabezudo
Gema is a facilitator of Transformation processes, Trainer, Mentor and a Senior Certified Professional Coach.
She is also a founding member of the International Certification Institution of Professional Coaches and has a Degree in Psychopedagogy and a Diploma in Social Education. Gema is a Superior Technician in Sociocultural Animation, specializing in the management and dynamization of groups, an expert in Emotional Intelligence, has a Master in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), is a Team Specialist and Systemic Leadership and Enneagram Professional Trainer.
Gema is also certified in accelerated learning techniques and high impact by the Firewalking Institute and Research. She collaborates with different organizations in the educational, social and business fields and is part of the InnerCamp team.

Alexis Alcalá

Alexis Alcalá
Alexis is the founder and CEO of InnerCamp, life coach and facilitator of Transformation processes.
Also certified as a facilitator of social meditations and Reiki, Alexis has worked in people management and as a trainer in Europe, Asia and Africa and has experience in business consulting and helping to boost companies of different sizes.
In his journey, Alexis discovered that the body, mind and spirit are all a beautiful interconnected web, which can self-cure given the right conditions. He works intuitively and uses his experience in transformation processes to create a safe space for healing and transformation.
Practicing a Hygge lifestyle, finding his Ikigai and adopting a Tantric lifestyle has been key to his own transformation process and to creating InnerCamp.

Estela Domínguez
Estela is a communicator, with 15 years of experience in the world of radio.
She is a Personal coach, Meditation and Mindfulness instructor, as well as a University Expert in intelligence and emotional education and positive psychology.
Her passion is to help people travel the path of self-knowledge from the freedom of thought and teach emotional intelligence for greater personal well-being. She currently teaches emotional intelligence and positive psychology in education centers and is a professor and coach of InnerCamp.

Lily Karasawa
Lily is a specialist in gender studies, sociology and women’s empowerment.
She teaches gender studies at the University of Osaka (Japan) and is also a professor at InnerCamp. Lily will launch her first women’s empowerment program in the autumn of 2019.
Lily has a Master’s Degree in Gender and Cultural Studies from the University of Sydney and has worked at the Immigrant Women’s Speakout Association in Sydney. Lily has been teaching for almost 20 years and her passion is to help people find love and light through InnerCamp.