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Tantra is the most ancient system of self-knowledge and self-improvement. In Sanskrit, “Tantra” literally means – loom or cloth. Under the fabric refers to the initial energy permeating everything around. In another sense, Tantra is understood as a technique for the expansion of consciousness, which provides tools for transforming the practitioner. Thus, Tantra is a practical system of spiritual development that sets as its goal the full realization of the Divine nature.

The first written testimony of Tantra is found in the teachings of Master Shiva, who lived about 5,000 years ago in India. He developed more than 100 ways of meditation, through which you can become superconscious – one includes sex as a path to spiritual liberation. In other words, the path of Shiva does not exclude love or sex from spiritual practice. In India, people still worship Shiva, and there his symbolic image is Lingam (the physical form of the male genitalia), which means “a pillar of light”. Shiva Lingam is located in the Yoni (the physical form of the female genitalia), which means “sacred place”. The whole spiritual path of Tantra lies in the harmonious union of the masculine and feminine parts that are in each of us.

Tantrism is the doctrine of the dual nature of the world, in which the union of masculine and feminine principles is represented.

Tantra contains the knowledge of almost all major areas of our life: health, cleansing the body, mental balance, and harmonious relationships between people. As a rule, our mind is not satisfied with what we have, it constantly needs something else. Tantra helps to direct the mind of the person inward towards self-knowledge. Any unfulfilled desire of ours is, in fact, excess energy that can be used both to destroy oneself, as many people do, and for spiritual work on oneself and growth.

And this is exactly the sense of Tantra. This is a way not to suppress your desires, but to learn to feel your energy, low or sublime, and transform it into a blessing.

Unless you are different, Tantra cannot be understood because Tantra is not an intellectual proposition, it is an experience. Unless you are receptive, ready, vulnerable to the experience, it is not going to come to you. Philosophy is concerned with the mind. Your head is enough; your totality is not required. Tantra needs you in your totality. It is a deeper challenge. You will have to be in it wholly. It is not fragmentary. A different approach, a different attitude, a different mind to receive it is required.

– Osho –

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