Week 10. Sex magic and divination Copy

In the book “Sacred Sexual Healing”, Baba Dez Nichols claims that “inside the womb there is Truth. We can journey to anywhere in the Universe. All of creation is in the womb. It is the hologram.”

In both shamanism and Tantra, sexual energy is regarded as a symbolic representation of the essence of Life. Erotic energy is creative life-force, arguably the most powerful energy we can access. As such, we can use it for multiple extraordinary achievements, from healing to manifestation and connection to the Divine. 

Sex magic utilizes the potent energy of sexual arousal to envision a desired outcome and transcend into the reality of already having it. While you let the pleasure continue to expand, you embody your future satisfaction now. If you decide to practice sex magic in a couple, always ask for consent. And remember to always state a positive desire (for example, “I have a fulfilling job”, rather than Ï don’t want a draining position”). 

Sexual divination is the art of seeking hidden knowledge in your eros (instead of crystal balls or tea leaves). The symbols and visions that come to the surface during your erotic trance are interpreted as messages, answers to difficult issues, signs and guidance. The more you release sexual guilt, fear and shame, the more precise you become as a sexual oracle. You can practice with a partner, as long as both of you give their consent and are in the purest state of service.

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