Week 10. Tantra and Shamanism: The Five Elements in Pleasure + Reflection questions Copy

1) The Five Elements in Pleasure

  • Earth à Genital Anatomy; Inertia

How much do you know your genital anatomy? Have you explored it through the senses?

In your pleasure, do you tend to do always the same things or do you like to change and spice things up?

  • Water à Fluid; Union

Is your Sacred Fluid healthy? Do you use pleasure to experience union? With whom/what?

  • Fire à Desire; Intensity

How do you experience your turn on? What arouses you? Is your pleasure a long burning fire or a spark that wears out fast?

  • Air à Bioenergetics; Vibration

Do you recognize any pattern of movement, breath, posture or emotional expression in relation to pleasure? Do you notice any armor? Have you ever done any de-armoring practice?

  • Space à Giving and Receiving; Pervasiveness

How much space do you give to pleasure in your life? And within your body? How do you relate to giving pleasure and to receiving it?

Reflect on the previous questions and experiment with the Five Elements in your Pleasure practice. Share what you have learned and your conclusions.

2) What does “sacred” mean to you? Are you in any relationship you regard as sacred? What in your life do you truly believe to be sacred?

Choose one of the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space) and for one week create and nurture a sacred relationship to it. Consider both the external and the internal presence of this element (for example, the Air you breathe and your breath/voice; the Fire which cooks your meal and your inner passion/drive/digestion). Which rituals and gestures does this relationship consist of? What does it make it sacred?

Share your answers and conclusions.

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