Week 11. Inner Marriage: Reflection questions Copy

  • Through self-inquiry, we can see the people in our lives clearly, without the filter of our judgments.
    1. Start by focusing on a person of the opposite gender – someone you have an unresolved issue with, or someone you resent. 
    2. When we blame others, the focus is not on us because we are focused outside of ourselves, on somebody else’s business. Notice WHO YOU ARE by seeing who you think other people are.
    3. Can you notice that you are the storyteller, the projector of all stories, and the other person is the projected image of your thoughts? 
    4. Reflect on the possibility that who you think the other person is is the projection of your inner lover
  • Check out your dreams during the week and/or try to recall the information from recurrent dreams. If you are in a masculine body, notice how the feminine figure generally shows up in your dreams. If you are in a feminine body, notice how the masculine figure generally shows up.
    1. What can you learn about the state of your Inner Lover? 
    2. How could you support him/her to come into a more sacred union with your dominant essence within?
  • The Inner Marriage is the union within ourselves of the masculine and the feminine – the yang and the yin. Equally, it is the union of the self with the Divine.

Please share your reflection on this statement.

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