Week 12. Quality Relationships: Anchoring love, safety and belonging practice Copy

This is a very simple and yet powerful meditation, which supports you to strengthen your ability to choose to experience love, safety, and belonging. 

You can do this meditation seated or lying down. Begin by asking yourself where and how you feel love in your body. Allow that sensation to build. 

You’ll repeat the same questioning and process with safety and with belonging. 

If you struggle to feel love, safety, or belonging in your body now, you can instead ask yourself where you felt these things in the past and how did you experience it then. 

If you can’t remember a time when you have felt these things before, imagine a situation in which you know that you are loved, that you are safe, or that you belong. 

The key is to find out what these feel like inside of your body, to notice what sensations go with them, and to fill up your body with those sensations. 

This meditation trains your body and nervous system to vibrate at the experiences of love, safety, and belonging. 

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