Week 12. Quality Relationships: Emotional Relationship Rules Practice Copy

n a piece of paper, list your personal 10 emotional relationship rules. Without these rules, you are not able or willing to keep the connection strong or to engage in the relationship altogether. 

  • Go back to the list and reflect on each rule: is it there to honour your sacred boundaries or does it serve to protect a wound? 

Mark with different colors, or symbols, or letters when it is the former or the latter.

  • Focus on the rules that you have set to protect a wound. Associate each of these rules to a specific chakra.
MULADHARAFinancial insecurityBasic survival needs (money, shelter, food)
MANIPURALow self-esteemLack of confidence
ANAHATAJealousyFear of abandonment (being left alone)
VISHUDDHILyingManipulationVerbal abuse
AJNALack of direction and decisionIllusion
SAHASRARANeed for controlJudgmentalFeeling of superiority

Identify specific coping skills to help you deal with the wounds. For example, if you have set a relationship rule to protect your low self-esteem, you can:

  • Use affirmations and stick post-it notes on the mirror.
  • Each time you compare yourself with someone else on social media, commit to share a like and a compliment and take the time to witness what happens in your body.
  • Do more of what you are very good at.

Please send us your conclusions.

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