Week 13. Tao Tantra: Activating the Sexual Organ Copy

With the exception of sexual intercourse, few exercises activate the crucial pelvic muscles. There are pelvic exercises that can increase Chi (life force) in these areas, thereby greatly strengthening the reproductive organs.

Activation in the pelvic region is of inestimable importance. A vast number of nerves, blood vessels, and lymph glands lead into the pelvis. Here terminate tissues that communicate with every little spot of the body. All of the major acupuncture meridians (energy channels), which carry Chi to the vital organs, pass through this area.  If it is blocked, hyperactive or weak, energy will dissipate and the organs will suffer.

Let’s make sure you know where the pelvic floor muscles are so you can work the right muscles in this exercise. You can identify your pelvic floor muscles by trying to stop urination midstream or by squeezing the ring of muscle around the anus as if you are trying to stop passing wind. 

When you gained confidence, you can start with the exercise.

Start by lying on your back. You will notice that when you lie naturally, your back has an arch. You can slide a hand from one side of your back to the other. You want to take this gap away by tilting your pelvis and trying to pour your hips bones into your belly button. This will press your lower back into the floor. The feeling is that of cracking a nut between your lower back and the floor.

Keep your big toes touching and your shoulders relaxed. You will notice that the top of your shoulders will want to lift off the floor. In actual fact, all the muscles in your abdomen, back, buttocks and sides should remain loose. You want to be isolating only the pelvic floor here. Maintain an even, steady breath pattern throughout the hold.

The goal is to maintain this pelvic tilt with your back pressed into the floor for one minute. Repeat the exercise twice per day, ideally in the morning and in the evening. 

Check in with your pelvic bowl throughout the day. Can you notice any shift/change (it can be both physical and/or emotional)?           

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