Week 13. Tao Tantra: Belly to Belly (couple exercise) Copy

This practice is based on the teachings from David Cates, a Tantra teacher who has worked in the field for more than 30 years.

In this practice, the couple lies down face to face on a bed or mattress, belly to belly, dropping in by taking deep breaths and sighing together.

Sound in Tantra is a form of energy that can help us release blocked energy. It is not about singing or talking, it is about letting go by making sounds in a free way.

You can try to take a few breaths (into the heart, into the belly and into the sexual organs) and exhaling with a big and loud sigh.

Afterwards, you can keep the same position and breathe together for 10 minutes, listening to the sound of each other.

David Cates facilitates circles where he uses different variations of this practice, with eye contact, sounding, touching, sharing, etc.

Please try this practice with your partner and send us your conclusions!

If you don’t have a person with whom to practice this, you can skip the assignment by sending an empty file.

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