Week 13. Tao Tantra: Reflection questions Copy

1. Revisit the Microcosmic Orbit practice that we have done together in the live session. 

According to the ancient Taoist masters, there are two energy channels that carry an especially strong current. One channel, the “functional” or yin channel, begins at the base of the trunk midway between the vagina and the anus at the perineum point. It goes up the front of the body past the mons, abdominal organs, heart, and throat, and ends at the tip of the tongue. The second channel, the “governor” or yang channel, starts in the same place. It flows from the perineum upward into the tailbone, then up through the spine into the brain, and back down to the roof of the mouth. 

The tongue is like a switch that connects these two currents. When the tongue is touched to the roof of the mouth just behind the front teeth, the energy can flow in a circle up the spine and back down the front. The two channels form a single circuit that the energy loops around. This vital current circulates past the major organs and nervous systems of the body, giving cells the juice they need to grow, heal, and function. 

The sexual energy that moves in the Microcosmic Orbit is a primordial energy. Human life begins with the union of an egg and a sperm cell, the original balance of yin and yang.

When we practice Tao Tantra, instead of forming a fetus from a fertilized egg growing inside the womb, we are inviting the ovarian/testicular energy to mount to higher energy centers inside the body, so that we give birth to ourselves on a spiritual level. 

Start by opening your Microcosmic Orbit by sitting in meditation for 5 minutes. Awaken your sexual energy and start to allow this energy to automatically complete the loop by letting your mind flow along with it. You can start in the eyes, and mentally circulate your attention with the energy as it goes down the front through your tongue, throat, chest, and navel, and then up the tailbone and spine to the head. Practice for 15/20 mins and notice: what is it that you are fecundating and conceiving as your sexual energy is drawn upward through the Microcosmic Orbit? 

Share your experience and insight.

2. When you massage your sexual organs (penis, breasts or clitoris), be aware of the Chi that is activated as you stimulate the many nerves they contain. The nerves are connected to all of the major organs and glands of the body. 

Find a safe and comfortable place and massage your sexual organs. Make it fully consensual with your body. Use your mind to guide your sexual energy to the organs that need Chi the most.

To know which organ pair to start with, reflect on the following associations and decide where the healing is most needed.

  • Lungs and large intestine. When out of balance (depleted organ’s Chi), you suffer from profound sadness and grief. These emotions may be experienced as feeling flat or like a collapsed ball. Associated words: gray, musty, cold, and low, downtrodden, and lacking in force.
  • Heart and small intestine. Unbalance in these organs manifest as impatience, hastiness, and cruelty. These qualities can feel spiny or sharp, muddy, burnt, noisy, irregular, and irritating.
  • Spleen, stomach and pancreas. The low-vibration emotions associated with these organs are worry and anxiety, feel irregular, cloudy, humid, uncertain, and out of proportion. 
  • Kidney and bladder. When unbalanced, you experience fear, stress, fright, awkwardness, a feeling of being scattered, a cold chill, compression, and tightness or a sense of being closed in.
  • Liver and Gallbladder. When their Chi is depleted, you often feel anger, aggression, and arrogance and can feel spear-like or sharp, cloudy, hot and explosive, loud, painful, tough, rough, and bitter. 

Ideally, repeat the practise daily for at least 7 days. 

Do you feel any difference in your physical body with respect to when you started the practice? Has your emotional state been impacted? 

Reflect upon how using your sexual energy to heal the organs’ Chi differs from other methods of working with your “negative” emotions.

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