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Sex, like any other natural parts of life, has an important place in the Taoist philosophy. The Tao of Love and Sex is made up of ancient Chinese poetic images and texts describing sexual intercourse and all its techniques without any censorship. As a method, it describes and explains how a man shall spare his vital energy in order to give pleasure and satisfy his feminine partner. Women’s satisfaction is key in this philosophy.  In the Ancient Times, it was called Tao of the Communion of Yin & Yang. Tao fundamentals are about the harmonious union of opposite but complementary genders, masculine and feminine energies within men (yang) and women (yin). Considered as a source of life, sex allows fulfilment. Complete continence and renouncement to sex were against natural laws, hence contradictory to Taoist principles.  

It was the first philosophy to consider sexual energy as a tool for personal development/transformation and linked to health, longevity and consciousness. As in Tantra, it is about giving and receiving, ebb and flow movements in resonance with breath and a way to sustain pleasure with “measurement” and flexibility. The power of Tao is to embrace, support and merge opposing forces such as desire, will and surrender, hot and cold, intensity and relaxation. Tao is an approach to live life “to the fullest”, going beyond our comfort zone and allows an intense, holistic, all-senses pleasure. Stimulation of all energy meridians awakens the body deeply and recharges, tunes and makes it vibrate as if it were a music instrument.  

It is an invitation to slow sex, fluidity, deep listening of the breath, of strength, of flow, silence and infinity. It is an art to experience moments out of time in our daily life as if encountering eternity. With Tao, we learn how and increase our ability to be surprised, to be in awe with life (mg energy, the Universe, life, love, our partner). We connect to the innocence of our inner child, to magic of the present moment, to our hidden sensuality.

Speaking of Tao Sexual Arts…


By essence, women are yin. They like foreplay and tend to regret men primal nature. By essence, men are yang. They like to go straight to the point and regret women lack motivation and initiative. Tao Sexual Arts will give keys to alchemize both yin & yang for better sex.  


In a relationship, lovers have emotions for each other and desire. This is what triggers sexual energy. Stress can have a negative impact on desire and generate a lack of motivation even though there is love in the relationship. On the long term, desire can vanish and even be forgotten. This situation is not only bad for the relationship but can be extremely toxic following the blockage of energy, a possible source of sometimes serious diseases such as breast cancer for women or prostate cancer for men. Tao Sexual Arts is about generating and moving energy all over the body.  


Desire is linked to our level of vitality. If we are tired, desire might decrease, hence our sexual energy. Tao Sexual Arts teach techniques to keep up and even increase our vitality.


Tao Sexual Arts allow/imply a good knowledge of ourselves, our partner and the relationship. It takes time, complicity and love. Sex no longer represents this frantic quest for pleasure (without it being neglected, quite the contrary), but becomes the starting point of the great adventure of “living” together. Our partner is no longer understood only as an object of pleasure but is also chosen to help us go further in our self-development. With open heart, patience and humility, it becomes an experience of cooperation, where enthusiasm and renewal nurture the relationship on a daily basis. The bond between the two partners can grow strong and deep. [This is where Tantra meets Tao] Retaining ejaculation, for example, allows the energy to go to a higher level.  

Tao Sexual Arts are based on the observation of Nature, mg sky, earth, human being manifesting in 5 elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood) focusing on movement and harmony. To reach sexual balance, women and men have to be observed; women are Water and generate Yin cold energy. They have the power to regulate men who are Fire and generate Yang hot energy. To a deeper level of consciousness, both men and women are yin and yang in their bodies:  

  • Men are fire with their heart and spirit and water with their sex and sperm.
  • Women are water in their ovaries sexually stimulated, and fire with their heart and spirit.  

This means that both of them can reach inner harmony by balancing both elements in their bodies. Tao Sexual Arts are about pleasure and health of women and vitality of men with key principles as follows:

  • Control of ejaculation.
  • Importance of feminine orgasm.
  • Comprehension of the fact that masculine orgasm and ejaculation are not the same thing.

Sexual energy is beyond force or power. Through their perfect knowledge of meridians, the Chinese teach us that sex is an art, something like martial arts. To really start “playing” with energies, it is essential to have a long enough sexual intercourse.


“Tao masters confined the flows of sexuality like men learned how to master untamed rivers and contain them for the wellbeing of humanity.” Le Tao de l’Art d’Aimer, Jolan Chang

Tao Sexual Arts are good for:

  • Keeping a positive mindset and a good mental health; this has been confirmed by Freud, centuries later, regarding neurosis for example that is linked to sexual dissatisfaction.
  • Maintaining good physical health (eg: acute vision, preventing osteoporosis, maintaining hormonal balance, nervous system and heart).
  • Great sexual vigor allowing increased physical and psychological pleasure, contentment and fullness –     Rejuvenation of body and thus mind.
  • Knowing our bodies and our needs and that of our partner.
  • Strengthened feelings and deepens connection.
  • Sexual communion which benefits both and all spheres of life.
  • Moving the sexual energies in the energy channels.
  • Helping take control of our sexuality and solve our problems of a sexual nature or of the genital system (descent of the bladder or uterus, menopause, PMS, frigidity, anorgasmia, impotence, premature ejaculation, prostatitis, impotence. , etc.).
  • For men: retaining sperm and how to exchange these energies with a woman while retaining her power.
  • For women: it becomes more regenerating and healing when they know how to stop menstruation by recycling the eggs and how to exchange these energies with a man.


Techniques for both men and women:  

  • Practicing Qi Gong, Tai Ji Quan, yoga, various forms of relaxation or massage for releasing stress which has a negative impact on desire and availability of bodies.
  • Healthy diet focusing on different types of food to support yin/yang balance; using plants can also be beneficial
  • Acupuncture.
  • Inner smile meditation. “Sickness starts from negative emotions settling in the organs. The inner smile breaks this cycle. It removes the cause and symptoms of disharmony by transforming destructive emotions into positive energy”. Mantak Chia, Taoist Master
  • Regenerating bone marrow (Nei Kung): After learning how to conserve sexual energy and distribute it to the glands and internal organs, it is beneficial to learn how to return the sexual energy to the bones and accumulate it. This practice brings together Sexual Kung Fu, Iron Shirt Chi Kung and Microcosmic Orbit, and adds four other practices with instruments: the metal whip, the bean bag, jade egg and weight stand, rattan and bamboo whisk. Let’s focus on weightlifting (jade egg for women and weight support for men) with the sexual organs: 
    • stimulates sex hormones and the pituitary gland which delays the aging message emitted by this gland when it weakens. 
    • increases the strength of the perineum which prevents the sagging of organs (bladder, anus, uterus, intestines, etc). 

To sum it up, Nei Kung improves health by regenerating bone marrow and blood. Internal work (Nei) increases the strength of organs and glands which in turn improve the strength of muscles and tendons which in turn enclose and activate bones which in turn produce marrow and blood. This differs from the Western approach based on muscle building rather than the conservation and distribution of sexual energy. 

Techniques for men

  • Knowledge on how to bring a woman to orgasm (technics, reactions, signs).
  • Control of ejaculation [which means loosing too much energy at once] allowing sexual intercourse to last longer in order to satisfy his partner who needs more time to come to orgasm as she is yin. This allows men to remain on a certain level of vibration opening up to another sense of pleasure, more subtle, deep and lasting. Controlling ejaculation also allows men to re-gain their energetic level. For Taoists, the sperm (Jing or vital essence) is preserved and used to be transformed into energy (Qi) and refined into spirit (Shen). The rise of sexual energy is through the energy channel of the back (Du Mai) which has points of refining, to return to the front in the channel (Ren Mai), this looping meeting called Microcosmic Orbit regenerates higher brain centers by activating the Paé Roe (One Hundred Reunions) point. When this point is charged with energy, it spreads through the hundred energy channels and helps to heal the “hundred diseases”. The advice is to practice slow, quiet penetrations to make intercourse last as long as possible. A long and sweet relationship strengthens both partners, but especially the woman. In addition, the man has an interest in preserving the jing, especially getting older.

Techniques for women

  • Breast stimulation: massaging the breast area is a good way to prepare the body for sex and arouse sexual energy. It is also considered as a healing technique as it can help regulations and movements of emotions. Taoist see breasts as external mirror of ovaries and therefore a good way to control and command the ovaries. A technique called the deer practice can help reduce and even stop menstruations.  
  • Ovarian Breathing harnesses sexual energy and re-routes it to build up and enhance our physical energy levels, well-being and creativity. Taoists believe that the most potent proportion of our Original Qi sits in ovaries for women. Most of this energy is unused and therefore wasted every time the egg is not fertilised and flows out with menstrual blood.  A study by the Alzheimer’s Association stated that “A lack of female sexual hormones going to the brain to stimulate and activate the brain after menopause is one cause of Alzheimer’s disease.” This practice is not recommended for women wanting to be pregnant.
  • Orgasmic Upward Draw: women focus on using aroused energy to activate all the energy centers in the body resulting in an energizing, relaxing and balancing feeling. Redirecting and circulating generative force to higher centers of the body invigorates and rejuvenates all the vital functions. This is a necessary step for spiritual development in the higher practices of the Taoist internal alchemy.
  • Egg Exercise (as mentioned previously)

Techniques for couples  

  • Erotic kiss is a must for sexual communion as every sense is awaken by a kiss and with a kiss. Lips, mouth and tongue are erotic organs with voluntary muscles sharing the same characteristics of vulva and penis. A passionate kiss can bring deeper pleasure than routine sex. Kissing is like making love with the lips/mouth/tongue and it can be done even if we are tired.  
  • The Great Medicine of the 3 peaks: it is a healing practice which consists of three zones from which flow beneficial fluids for the one who absorbs them: 
    • the highest, the Red Peak, known as the medicine of the Jade Fountain; it draws its source from the two cavities located under the woman’s tongue, it is grey. Man must swallow it in order for it to moisten all five organs and produce new blood.
    • the median peak is called Peak of the Double Lotus and its medicine Peach of Immortality, draws its source from woman’s breasts. If the man drinks it, it will nourish her spleen and stomach, and help the woman’s blood flow. In addition, it increases all the moods of the body.  
    • Lower down, the Peak of the Purple Agaric, or Cave of the White Tiger, white lead medicine, draws its source from the depths of the vagina. “Her door is usually closed, but when coitus excites a woman to pleasure, puts red on her cheekbones and causes her voice to breathe out, that door opens and an abundant secretion of fluid follows.” The man has to “pump” the essence of the woman, thus benefiting his “original Yang” and nourishing her spirit.  
  • Various sexual postures at specific moments during sexual intercourse depending on the couple bodies, intensity of the intercourse etc
  • Sexual reflexology


It may not work for every couple in the first place as practice is needed, meaning having time and also discipline. Usually, you start with qi gong, meditation, yoga or other similar practices several times a week. You also need to be involved both in the practice and the relationship.  

Tao sexuality is about preparing body and spirit for love. It is about worship. Breathwork is key. Some couples already know how to synchronize their breath in ample and long breathing in/out (nose only); they are also aware of weightlessness sensations, feeling energy in their hands and body. Pleasure will then be enabled and take place; sex will be understood differently. We walk towards fulfillment and suspension because we stop when we want, we continue as much as we want …

And what to do with the sexual energy of same-sex partners?

There is no judgment in Tao. The goal of Tao is always to achieve the balance of energies, neither too much Yin nor too much Yang. It is easy to see that two men in sexual relationship cause an over activation of the Fire (Yang) and that the fact for a man to be alone can cause the same phenomenon. Hence the principle to be respected in the Tao is to refresh the male Yang either:  

  • by practicing the meditation of the six sounds of health,  
  • by absorbing the Yin (cold) of the earth and the cold energy of the moon,  
  • by eating vegetarian to compensate for the absence of the feminine Yin. These practices will serve to refresh the internal organs which will in turn allow the transfer of more Yin (cool) energy into the sexual zone and appease the desire exacerbated by Fire (Yang).

Two women in sexual relationship or a woman without a male sexual partner generate more Yin (cold) energy which can go as far as causing the energy to stagnate and cause a mass of Yin (fat, cyst, slowness, fatigue etc). To help counterbalance these excess Yin energies, the Tao suggests practices for stimulating and absorbing Yang (Fire), for example:  

  • absorbing solar Yang,
  • stimulating the rise of Yang in meditation,  
  • absorbing celestial energy (Yang),  
  • eat Yang food to compensate for the lack of masculine Yang (hot).


  • Reading books on the topic; Mantak Chia is renown for his expertise and sharing.
  • Podcasts (whatsthistao.com, Taoist sexual secrets from Minke de Vos).
  • Tao therapists for couple and individuals.
  • Life experience.


There are so many techniques and gestures and positions etc. All of them are aimed at helping us out in gaining control of our sexual energy and directing the energy to the place that we decide without depending upon reflexes and the positions used. Once we master the energy and can direct the energy as we wish using the mind and some muscles, the positions and gestures become less important.  


  • The Tao of Love and Sex, the Chinese Ancient Way to Ectasy, Jolan Chang, Editions Pocket
  • Healing Love through The Tao, Cultivating Female Sexual Energy, Mantak Chia & Maneewan Chia
  • The Multi-Orgasmic Man, The Male Sexual Energy Mantak Chia & Douglas A. Arava
  • The Multi-Orgasmic Couple, How Couples can dramatically increase their sex life, relatioship, potency etc, Mantak Chia & Maneewan Chia, D. Abrams & R. Carlton Abrams
  • Podcast Taoist sexual secrets from Minke de Vos

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