Week 14. Tantra and trance states: Reflection questions Copy

1. When you think about your daily life, it is easy to get lulled into the belief that there is one “setting” for your conscious thought. That is, you likely believe that you hold the same opinions, values, and memories across the day and throughout the week. But “you” are like a dimmer switch on a light that can be turned from full darkness increasingly on up to full brightness. This switch is consciousness. 

At your brightest setting you are fully alert and aware; at dimmer settings you are day dreaming; and sleep or being knocked unconscious represent dimmer settings still. The degree to which you are in high, medium, or low states of conscious awareness affect how susceptible you are to persuasion, how clear your judgment is, and how much detail you can recall. 

  • What does it mean to you being in a high, medium, or low states of conscious awareness?
  • Provide concrete examples of aspects of your life or specific moments when you experience (or have experienced) each state. 
  • How are the quality of your decision-making and your ability to discern affected by the level of conscious awareness?

2. In the following image you will find a yantra, a blueprint of energy of a specific field of consciousness. A matrix of divine consciousness.

Take some time to gaze at the image and try to identify fully and merge with consciousness as it presents itself in this geometric form. 

When meditating on the yantra from the centre (bindu) outward, one is co-participating in a process of creation from the formless into form. Focusing from the outer square into the central bindu can express the dissolution of the manifest into the unmanifest. 

The yantra can arouse certain energetic processes in your energy field. Which sensations and emotions do come to the surface while staring at this yantra? Notice how you don’t need to (intellectually) know the meaning of this image to be touched/moved/penetrated by it.

3. Get your journal (or a piece of paper) and a pen. Focus on a question that you would like to be answered. Choose a question that has really been pulling at your heart or eating you up inside. Spend some minutes to let the question fully land into your body.

Set the alarm for at least 7 minutes and start writing. The rule is that you are not allowed to stop or lift the pen until the time is over. It needs to be an uninterrupted flow of words. 

When you are done, DO NOT read what you have just written. Rip up or burn the paper. Notice how you feel in relation to your initial question and keep track of any changes, or breakthrough that you might experience in the following days. 

Please share your experience and insights.

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