Week 2. Exercise: Forgive yourself Copy

It is easier to love yourself, when you are not guilty or have regrets of the past. Self-forgiveness is not only recommended but absolutely essential if you wish to become emotionally healthy and become more peaceful. So forgive and release yourself from the crutches of the shame and guilt. One of the forgiveness exercises you can do for self is visualisation.

Find a quiet place to sit with your eyes closed, turn your attention to yourself and say out loud to yourself, “I forgive myself for ___________.” Imagine that you are allowing all the resentment, guilt and shame leaving you and say quietly to yourself: “I choose to let go of all the emotions that no longer serve me”. Do this exercise once per day, for 5 minutes until you feel like you have completely freed yourself from all the anger and resentment.

After a few days practising this exercise, please send us your conclusions!

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