Week 2. The power of self-love Copy

Self-love is accepting yourself unconditionally, with all your flaws and strengths; treating yourself with kindness and compassion, not being harsh or judging yourself for the mistakes you make or have made in the past and not comparing yourself with other people. It also means making yourself a priority and listening to what your mind and body is saying and reflecting on it.

Why practice self-love? Besides making you feel good, practicing self-love has its many benefits, such as:

  • Increased life satisfaction: 

When you start practicing self love, it also increases your appreciation for life. You can notice a shift in your attitude, where you are more hopeful and positive about your present and future and feel more satisfied with life in general.

  • Becoming your best possible self: 

When you start loving yourself, you are not comparing yourself with anyone else. The only person you are competing with was the person you were in the past, with an aim of becoming better and better every day and ultimately becoming the best possible version of yourself.

  • Better Mental Health: 

You will be better able to manage your mental health. Loving yourself can keep you from getting lost in your own head and getting caught up in a path of negative spiral. When you develop a healthy positive relationship with yourself, you will find it easier to resolve or handle your mental health issues in a better manner.

  • Other people’s opinions hold less value:

When you start listening to your inner voice, believe in it and devote time to what’s important to you and do what makes you happy, you will eventually be able to tune out the outside noises of other people’s opinions.

  • Reduces stress:

When you love yourself, you become aware of the thoughts that are causing you stress and how you react to them. You can start to question their truthfulness and consciously think more helpful thoughts.

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