Week 3. Energy: Strengthen Your Life Force Energy Copy

Daily life provides many easy opportunities to strengthen our life force energy:

• Get sufficient sleep.

Deep and restful sleep is the easiest way to daily restore your life force energy. When possible go to bed before midnight and wake up at sunrise.

• Exercise regularly.

Go for a walk, ride a bike, or go swimming. Be careful not to overexert yourself, and avoid extreme sports.

• Relax at different times throughout the day. Allow your entire consciousness to rest for short periods. Take a mini-vacation (7 minutes, 2x/day). Practice the art of stillness.

• Eat healthful, vitamin-enriched foods.

Food is pure energy. Different foods vibrate at different frequencies. Foods that are in their natural state are the foods with the greatest life force. Over-cooking will deplete the life force in food. Eating weak or low life force foods will drag your energy levels down. Processed foods and refined sugars are two that radically deplete our energy field. And pay attention to the way you eat. Chewing food thoroughly increases the amount of life force you take in. Opt for mini meals and avoid overeating. Blessing food will also raise its frequency.

• Minimize your exposure to chemical toxins.

Minimize the chemicals in your life. Take a good look at your make-up, perfume, scented dryer sheets, air fresheners, shampoos and soaps, toxic cleaning products, herbicides and pesticides. While it’s impossible to live in this world and not be exposed to chemicals, there is so much you can do to drastically reduce them in your life.

 Spend time in nature.

Nature has a powerful healing vibration. Regularly expose yourself to air, light, and sun. Take the time to take it all in and allow yourself to feel a part of the nature around you. Years ago, doctors offered prescriptions to their patients with the advice to retire to the country or the seaside for a period of three months, to restore vitality to the body. This gave the auric field time to repair and restore.

• Limit your exposure to media and the Internet. Choose entertainment with positive vibrations.

It is important to consciously choose your movies and books. The sounds, and the words, matter.

• Avoid stress whenever possible and take action to enjoy life.

Pay attention to how your daily activities influence your energy level. Doing things that give you pleasure and enjoyment will raise your frequency and support your life force. Laugh and play. Do chores and tasks with love. The more alive you are, the more radiant and alive your energy field. Don’t allow your days to become gray and monotonous, or stressed and overwhelming. Break old patterns and try new things. Avoid negative people and situations as best you can.

• Build up the strength of your love, gratitude, trust, joy and inner peace.

Send positive thoughts into the world and defend and protect yourself from the negative influence of hate, envy, and greed. Higher frequency emotions strengthen and support your life force energy. The way that you are able to direct your consciousness will determine what kind of energy you send out and what energy you take in.

• Make Your Home a Safe and Comfortable Environment

Your personal energy can be affected by the energies of your surroundings, and this includes your home. By creating a home flooded with positive energies you can help to raise your own vibration. Eliminate clutter and dirt. Include colors that are uplifting.

• Use meditative techniques.

Your powers of thought, concentration, and visualization can be powerful tools to maximize the absorption of life force energy. With intention, they can be used to positively strengthen your energy field. Visualize white light moving through your body radiating out into the world around you. Make it a part of your mini-vacation each day.

• Feel Love.

Love is Lots of Vital Energy. The most healing act one can ever do for another person is to send them love. That is true of loving others, as well as loving yourself.

Love in the highest levels, comes in many forms, including compassion, patience, empathy, and kindness. Love stimulates the energy field around a person, giving them additional strength to break down the walls of emotional debris blocking their energy field.

Much of your vitality comes down to choice. With awareness, each day you can choose actions that enhance, rather than deplete, your life force energy. You can help yourself have the life you yearn for.

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