Week 3. Energy: Your Life Force Energy Copy

“We are the living links in a life force that moves and plays around and through us, binding the deepest soils with the farthest stars.” — ALAN CHADWICK

The human being is not just a physical structure made of molecules. We are also composed of, permeated with, and surrounded by subtle energy fields. Described as the basic element and source of all life, this universal energy is known by many names: prana, chi, qi, ki, “the Holy Spirit.”

Life force is “cosmic energy.” It is the animating principle of all life. We can observe its workings in nature, as heat, magnetism, or electricity. This energy travels downward from the sun, moon, planets, and stars and upward from the earth, ocean, plants, and trees.

We are each born with our own personal chi, which begins when we take our first breath at birth. From that moment until death, we constantly take in this life force energy, although most of the time we are unaware of it.

This energy fluctuates, based on our environment and our experiences, as well as our mental, emotional, and psychological state. A high level of life force is synonymous with outstanding physical health, mental tranquillity, and spiritual clarity.

People who have developed a strong radiant energy field cannot be easily thrown off course. Their energy field protects them from the negative influences that come from the environment–stress, conflict, negative thoughts and emotions, toxins–acting much like a force field to block an attack.

We can really influence the amount of life force energy we have. For this assignment, you can start with a short 10-minute meditation and then answer these two questions:

  • What in your life gives you more energy (like meeting a good friend, being kind to yourself, taking a long shower, etc..)?
  • What in your life takes your energy (certain people, tasks, watching too much Netflix, etc.)?

Please send us your conclusions!

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