Week 3. The Feminine Principle: Reflection questions Copy

1. Think about the religion you have been raised with (either in the family or in the society you have grown up in).

a. What is the role of the feminine principle, as you perceive it to be in the religion you have grown up with?

b. Do you think that it impacted your own idea of the feminine in relation to the Divine? How?

2. Is your sexual energy serving someone or a specific agenda (to obtain love, safety, protection, recognition, etc.)?

3. Consider the three components of orgasm:

  1. Pleasure – in different forms
  2. Movement – change, expansion
  3. Mind-shift – letting go, surrender

a. What would surrender mean to you? How would it look like? (If you have never experienced a sense of surrender yet, you can work with what you would like it to feel like)

b. Given these three components, you can notice that an orgasm is not necessary linked to the physical intercourse. You can practice food-gasm, for example. Try it yourself:

  • Choose the food that is incredibly delicious to you. Get ready mentally to swooning into food ecstasy. Slowly receive the perfect bite into your mouth.
  • Close your eyes, soften the whole body, and let yourself be completely enraptured by the flavor and the sensation of eating.
  • Attune solely to the pleasure of the experience and start to let it ripple throughout your whole body and into the space around you. You can use the breath, sound or subtle movement to do this.
  • Can you perceive a sense of surrender? How does it feel like?

Please send us your conclusions.

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