Week 3. The Feminine Principle: The practice of Self Inquiry Copy

This meditation, a traditional meditation from Ramana Maharishi, invites you to become aware of the identities you hold, and just hold space for them. 

This is a classical meditation for waking up to your true identity. This meditation can be a portal into your recognition of your truest, deepest nature, beyond the identities you hold. 

In a ritualistic space, find your sacred seat and connect with your inner landscape. Close down the eyes and start to repeat over and over again

I am [your name and surname]

Keep repeating it for a couple of minutes or as long as it loses its density, its content. Be present to any sensation, feeling, memory which might arise. 

Start to drop one word at a time. Repeat over and over again

I am [your name]

Continue for a couple of minutes or as long as it feels complete. Notice how you feel, which emotions and triggers want to come to the surface.

Remove another word and repeat over and over again

I am

Keep going and when you are ready, drop the verb and repeat


Sit in silence. Feel into the sacred void. After few minutes, start to ask yourself:

Who am I?

Continue the inquiry until your mind reaches stillness.

Please share your experience and insight.

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