Week 4. Chakras: Navel chakra Copy

In this assignment, we work with the navel chakra (third chakra).

– What are the things that make you feel powerless or victimized?

– List 10 things that make you feel anxious?

– List what you will do today to balance your navel chakra

– Create a couple of affirmations that will help you balance your navel chakra

Daily Healing Practice

In this visualization exercise, we close our eyes and imagine the bright yellow sun to be on the level of the navel. Absorb the limitless power of this bright radiant energy of the sun and circulate it through your entire body – from head to toe.
Do the exercise for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Next steps

– Please send us your conclusions.

– You can come back to this exercise at any time in the future when you feel you need to work with your navel chakra.

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