Week 4. Tantra and breathwork: Breathing practice to achieve Oneness Copy

Enter into this practice as if it was a worshipping ceremony.

The practice has three main phases:

1. Bhastrika (Bellows Breath)

Breathing in and out vigorously, allow the belly to move out on the inhale and draw back in on the exhale, 27 times. As you breathe out, feel the pelvic floor lifting up, which helps to bring blood flow to that region. Energetically, this technique helps to release the coil of energy known as Kundalini that gets held at the base of the spine due to belief patterns, known as avidya. After 27 rounds, take a full breath in and hold, retaining the breath. Clamp the abdominal muscles at the lower abdomen and as you retain the breath, lift and lower the head gently 3-5 times. 

2. Release the clamp

With the head down, slowly release the clamp, bringing the palms to face up on the thighs. As you exhale, allow the head to float back up. Let your breath adjust.

3. Ahamkara mudra

Using your right hand, bring your thumb and index finger to touch as if you are pinching something very small, and pierce the point right at the center of the chest using this mudra (hand gesture). Visualize light expanding from your heart out into each cell of your body, and into an aura of light around you. 

After the breathing exercise, spend some time meditating on the following statement:

“This is the state beyond time, shape, form, and identity”

Please share your experience and insights.

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