Week 5. Chakras: Sacral chakra Copy

In this assignment, we work with the sacral chakra (second chakra).

– What stops you from enjoying the pleasures of life?

– How do you feel about your sexuality? Do you enjoy intimacy?

– List what you will do today to balance your sacral chakra

– Create a couple of affirmations that will help you balance your sacral chakra

Daily Healing Practice

Close your eyes and bring your awareness to the breath. Keep breathing gently and imagine an energetic sphere of orange light at the location of your genitals radiating and expanding to fill up your entire body. Enjoy the sensations that arise in your body and let go of any unpleasant feeling. Feel the warm radiance of this divine energy that is the source of all creation. Just relax and continue this visualization exercise for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Next steps

– Please send us your conclusions.

– You can come back to this exercise at any time in the future when you feel you need to work with your sacral chakra.

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