Week 6. Polarity: Playing with polarity within and in partnership Copy

It is possible to play with polarity when you are alone, you actually don’t need a partner for many practices. The solo path is more common in the right-hand path of Tantra. And even if you have a partner, we recommend you to do some practices alone before trying them with a partner. These are some examples:

  • Observe the breath.
  • Feel the energy within.
  • Watch the senses.
  • Witness your emotions.
  • Observe the orgasm and feel the sexual energy.

If you have a partner, there are many ways for a couple to explore polarity. This is a list of examples where Shiva and Shakti are irrespective of the gender of the person:

  • Shakti shares emotions and feelings, Shiva listens to Shakti and holds the space.
  • Shakti does a massage to Shiva, Shiva receives and is living the present moment.
  • Shiva guides and Shakti follows.
  • Shakti dresses in beautiful clothes and Shavi enjoy looking at her.
  • Shakti dances for Shiva, Shiva enjoy looking at her.
  • To make love.

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