Week 6. Polarity: Uniting your Shiva and your Shakti Copy

It might happen that your Shiva and your Shakti have some conflicts. This exercise (based on the empty chair method form Gestalt therapy) can help you unite both sides.

1. Place three cushions on the floor and sit down on one of them. The other two cushions are in front of you and facing each other. One cushion is representing Shakti, another cushion is representing Shiva.

2. Start the conversation by sitting on one of them, who of them wants to start the conversation? Is Shiva or Shakti who wants to talk first?

3. Once you have chosen one, start sharing what you feel by saying: “I’m Shiva/Shakti and I feel…”

4. Sit down now on the other cushion and reply to the other part. “I’m Shakti/Shiva and I feel…”

5. Continue the conversation and let it develop freely. Try to find solutions if a conflict comes up.

6. At the end of the exercise, each part will say to the other one: “Thank you for sharing”.

You can do this exercise as many times as you wish. Please send us your conclusions!

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