Week 7. Exercise: Partner connection Copy

Note: this exercise is to be done with a partner. If you don´t have a partner, you can skip this exercise by submitting an empty file.

– Sit facing each other, holding hands crosswise.

– Look at each other for ten minutes. If the body itself begins to move and sway, do not interfere with it. You may blink, but keep your partner in the eye.

– Allow your body to sway. Do not let go of each other’s hands, no matter what happens.

– After ten minutes, both close your eyes and continue to sway for another ten minutes.

– Then stand and swing together, holding hands for another ten minutes. So you deeply mix your energies. And now you can dissolve in each other…

Note 2:

Very often, this exercise can cause these reactions when one partner is not tantric and is not into this. We somehow force the other person to become something different just for the exercise.

So the first thing is that we cannot change people and our partner, we need to accept that they are no tantrics. So before eye gazing, we need to work on opening the heart and transform the pain, the frustration and the duality into love and compassion.

The second thing is to work with the consecration (to see everything as sacred) and transfiguration (to see my partner as God/Goddess) before going to this exercise. If I really don’t transfigure myself and my partner, the eye-gazing exercise is going to trigger the duality of our relationship.

Once our heart is open and we practice the transfiguration, we can try this exercise and it might still trigger new stuff, like not have set boundaries, like having other people crossing my boundaries, like facing our own shadows, etc.

Please send us your conclusions!

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