Week 8. Energy: How is your energy? Copy

Before starting with this assignment and reading the next questions, scan how your energy is and how it moves.

Whereas you read the next questions and answer all of them, check where the energy might get stuck, without making any judgement.

  • Do you feel stuck in your life? Are you bored with so many routines? If yes, you might not be raising energy.
  • Make a list of the activities that uplift you. Next to the name, write how often you do them.
  • What excuses do you say to yourself to avoid the previous activities? Why do you create these excuses?
  • What activities do you do unconsciously to raise energy? Do you consume coffee, alcohol, drugs, etc. to raise your energy?
  • When you raise energy, can you stay grounded? Or you lose yourself in favour of feeling high?
  • How is your creativity? Is it easy for you to improvise?  Is it easy for you to express yourself?  Is it easy for you to be spontaneous?
  • How sensitive are you to energy? Is it easy for you to feel energy in people and spaces without touching them?

Please send us your conclusions!

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