Week 8. Healing sexual energy: Healing shadow desires Copy

This exercise can be done with your partner or a friend. You will need the timer from your cell phone.

A way to heal a shadow is actually by being aware of it, becoming vulnerable with another person can be very powerful, when the other person witnesses our shadows without judging us and rejecting us.

1) Find a private space where you can be both comfortable and will not be disturbed. This is going to be a safe space to share and both of you will hold the space for each other.

2) Sit in front of each other and decide who will start.

3) Close your eyes and connect with your inner self by breathing deeply for a couple of minutes.

4) Open your eyes and look at each other’s eyes. Please don’t talk and just observe. During this part, breathe deeply and relax your heart centre.

5) The person who will be listening in the first round will set the intention of listening without judgement and will not answer to the person sharing.

6) The first person starts sharing shadow desires, for examples, sexual desires, physical longings, etc. whatever is hidden very deep inside, whatever that makes you ashamed of. You have 10 minutes to share.

7) After sharing, both of you will place the hands in a Namaste position and will say “Thank you”.

8) Now the other person shares for 10 minutes.

9) Again, place the hands in a Namaste position and say “Thank you”.

10) Both of you close the eyes and meditate for 5 minutes.

After this exercise, avoid commenting what the other person shared during the exercise, you are still holding the space.

Please send us your conclusions!

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