Week 8. Healing sexual energy: Sexual healing exercise: Genital revelation Copy

In this exercise, you will need a big mirror in front of you and a yoga mat or blanket to lie down in front of the mirror. This exercise helps heal shame, guilt and fear that might be carried in the sexual organs and bodies.

How to do it?

Play some soft and meditative music to relax, and sit down naked on the yoga mat or blanket, in front of the mirror. You can use pillows to have a more comfortable position.

Look at your self as a poet would see you, as a lover. There might be some judgements coming up, you don’t need to be critical with the judgements, just accept them as part of yourself. If you find it difficult to stay there, take a few deep breaths to release any unpleasant sensations.

For a few minutes, you will see yourself in general. Afterwards, you will focus on your genitals. Discover your genitals from different angles. If you are a woman, open up your labia and have a look at the different layers. If you are a man, lift them up and see your genitals from different angles.

Look at your genitals with curiosity, as a poet, and keep breathing deeply. Keep doing this for a few more minutes.

After the observation, close your eyes and feel the energy and the sensations. Be aware of your feelings and keep breathing.

If you find this exercise challenging, we recommend you practice it for 21 days. You can also use some affirmations, like “I love my body”, “My body is perfect”, etc.

Please send us your conclusions!

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