Week 9. Maranasati: Death Awareness Practice Copy

Understanding mortality often leads to awakening

Become mindful of your breath.

Start by contemplating the impermanence in the world around you. Slowly, let your awareness come closer to yourself, feeling into your own impermanence. 

Meditate on the following Truths.

Death is inevitable

  1. Everyone and everything die.
  2. Your life span is decreasing incessantly.

The only certainty in life is uncertainty

  1. The time of death is uncertain.
  2. The causes of death can be so many.
  3. Your human experience is extremely fragile.

Only the understanding of Oneness can help you at the time of death

  1. Possessions and enjoyments cannot help.
  2. Your loved ones cannot help.
  3. Your own body cannot help.

Throughout the practice, notice your breath and cultivate calmness by exhaling for a longer count than the inhale. 

For the next eight days, take 15/20 minutes a day for this practice. Select one of the possible truths and go into it in some depth. When you are finished with your contemplation, skim over the others on the list so that, in some way, they become part of what you learn that day.

Share your experience and insight.

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