Week 9. Refection questions Copy

When we reflect on our own death, things tend to become crystal clear.

1. Imagine your own death

  • Whom would you want to be present?
  • Would you want to be held, touched?
  • What kind of atmosphere would you want?
  • Would there be silence, natural sounds, music…?
  • Visualize your lifeless body – it might help to spend sometimes in Savasana, corpse pose.

    Don’t rush through this. You can keep coming back to this part of the exercise in consecutive days, until you are able to vividly visualize the moment of your own death.

2. Write your eulogy

A eulogy is a piece of writing which praises someone who has just passed away.

  • Reflect back on your life and what you have accomplished
  • Which lessons could be learned from your life?
  • What is your legacy to the people who loved you?
  • What is your legacy to the broader community?
  • What is your legacy to the world?

Be precise and specific.

3. Work backward

Once you know what you want to accomplish during your lifetime, figure out what you would need to do to reach your goals.

  • Break down each goal into smaller chunks
  • How can you stay motivated?
  • How can you make yourself accountable?
  • Create clear calendars for the next week, the next month, the next season (3 months), and the next year with your action plan.

Share what you have learned, your insight and your conclusions.

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