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Enticing ways to improve your sex magic skills

#June 11, 2022

The term sex magic can sound kinky and mysterious but in reality, it works with a very simple principle: you set an intention and use pleasure to seal it. This can come as a surprise to many readers but sex magic is not related to enhancing your pleasure in bed. The outcome is not the pleasure itself, it is about channelling sexual energy to attract something into your life. Of course, if you have chosen sex as your methodology some forms of pleasure along the way are inevitable, but this is not the main purpose. Sex involves tension, expectation, pleasure and connection. You can invest these feelings into your intentions with sex magic. 

For casters, magic usually involves attracting something or creating an outcome and sex magic works with the same principle. You enhance creativity and strong energy and direct it to reach your goals. Sex has been accepted as a powerful source of pure, sacred energy therefore using sex for magic practice has been widespread for centuries in cultures such as ancient Greece, Rome, India and China.

To practice sex magic, you need to set an intention before the sexual encounter and keep it in mind while having sex, especially during your orgasm. This intention is referred to as telos. Your telos can be about anything you desire such as healing, money, inner peace, and happiness. Try to choose only one intention at a time as your focus should be undivided. Another tip is to keep it simple since you are going to hold it in your mind for a long time. With your orgasm, you not only release your pent-up sexual energy but also the wish you made. This process releases your telos, which is now fueled by your sexual energy, out into the universe. You can stop worrying about it now and let the universe do the rest. 

It is recommended to try to elongate the process and accumulate more energy. Having an orgasm quickly can decrease the power of your spell. Edging can be used for sex magic which means getting on the edge of an orgasm but not letting yourself have it. Doing this a couple of times before having a release can sharpen all your senses and truly bring you into a state of ecstasy and trance. Aside from elongating the process of how you want to perform sexual activities sex magic is completely your choice, as there are no specific guidelines. Anyone can try sex magic, it doesn’t require you to follow a certain school of thought or religion. You don’t even need a partner to perform sex magic, masturbation can generate such energy as well. You don’t need a committed partner but it is recommended to practice sex magic with a respectful person with who you can share your intentions. This is an intimate practice and it is important to be clear and focused for the magic to manifest. You can try setting intentions together and make sure you are on the same page in your union. If your intentions are conflicting, they can block or neutralise each other and keep you from achieving your goals. For positive results, it is best to be in the same line of thinking.

Focusing on your intention during intense sexual pleasure can be difficult but we have some tips for you. Drawing images of your intention and taping them in places where you can see them during the action is one of the commonly used techniques. Looking at the image instead of trying to visualise it in your mind is easier. Another approach is painting the intention on your partner’s body. You can use edible body paints for such practice. You can also use essential oils such as lavender or peppermint oil to raise your concentration levels. 

In every sexual union a “magickal childe” is produced. This term refers to the outcome that has been created in the astral plane. And according to the principles of magic, everything in the astral plane eventually manifests itself in the physical plane. Magic is everywhere and it is in everything we do. However, not everyone is a magician. The difference is being intentional and willing. A magician doesn’t rely on luck, they do what they can to manipulate the conditions. They take action and use the energies within the universe to attract what they desire.

Sex magic can sound bizarre and superstitious to many people but it is only a harmless attempt to achieve your goals in life. Even if the magic doesn’t work and you don’t get what you wanted, you still get to enjoy a fun, long, sensual pleasure session. So why not dip your toe in the pool of possibilities? Sex magic is here to remind us of the primal and sacred powers of sex and gives us a tool to bring change into our lives by setting intentions. Maybe this practice can help you find the magic in the ordinary and rediscover the power within.

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