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InnerCamp is a training institution created by and for holistic therapists that integrates alternative therapies, science, and psychology.

Become a Highly Effective Holistic Therapist

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    InnerCamp is registered and accredited by the Complementary Medical Association.

    It is also a member school of the International Breathwork Foundation.

    InnerCamp is a CPD accredited training provider

  • Awards

    We are awarded with the Holistic Health Specialists of the 2022/2023 Award by the Prestige Awards

    InnerCamp was also recognized as the Leading provider of Holistic Therapy 2022 by the GHP (Global Health & Pharma) Magazine.


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Become a highly effective therapist with InnerCamp

At InnerCamp, we have reinvented the approach to holistic therapy. We have created a sanctuary for those who seek beyond the conventional, those who want alternative methods but proven by science and psychology. We want to empower you, equipping you with effective and proven tools to become a highly effective holistic therapist.

Success as a holistic therapist goes beyond good training; it’s vital to have a supportive community that encourages you to make a real impact. When you start your program, you’re not alone; you have a counselor available to support you, a Research department to answer all your questions, a study partner, support groups, and monthly mentorship programs.

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What our students say about InnerCamp

  • I was blown away by the high value of the course. Alexis is a great teacher with a lot of knowledge and wisdom. InnerCamp has shown me a new way of life, a new and deeper level of working with my clients.

    Stephanie Rusthoven

    Tantra Teacher Training
  • The structure of the course and shedule made it completely doable while working. It gave me all of the tools that I need to confidently use breathwork with my clients. As well as teaching me to find my unique voice as a breathwork facilitator

    Candace Ristic

    Breathwork Practitioner Training
  • The program delivered value on many levels. I am leaving confident, empowered, skilled and with relevant information to back up my practice. Alexis and his team are generous with their time, care and knowledge.

    Miriam Frey

    Tantra Teacher Training & Breathwork Teacher Training
  • The structure of the course and schedule made it completely doable while working full-time. It gave me all of the tools I need to confidently use breathwork with my clients. As well as teaching me to find my unique voice as a breathwork facilitator.

    Jen D

    Breathwork Teacher Training

Our Methods help

promote self-growth
release traumas
transform your life
harmonize relationships
cultivate self-love
increase energy levels
calm anxiety
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