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Corporate world & workplace services

Customizable holistic services to support employees through workflow challenges, and simply when life gets hard.

We help you design a better overall employee experience with your company, and increase mental & emotional wellbeing at the workplace.

Why employee wellbeing is important

  • Instant access to information, multitasking, 24/7 work cycle is a norm that causes exhaustion and burnout. However, having a career is not everything. If one’s identity is all tied up with the job, they act against self-interest and happiness. In the long-term, it affects mental health and influences professional results.

  • Remote work blends office hours with personal hours that creates life dissatisfaction. In such state of mind, the ability to engage and succeed at work significantly decreases.

  • Hyper-competitive work environment brings toxicity into teamwork, destroying beneficial collaborative culture.

Why employee wellbeing is important

InnerCamp for Corporate

It is time to step back and help employees reconnect with themselves.

With a significant portion of our lives spent in the workplace, people need resources and emotional support to remain highly functional and able to accomplish real results.

Our solutions

  • Our Body-Mind-Soul approach to workspace wellness sets focus on individuals as company’s greatest asset.
  • We help people boost their work performance by reestablishing connection with their true needs, aspirations and strengths.
  • Elevating well-being of employees shifts the way they think about work.

Using tailored holistic solutions, we can create a work environment where individuals and teams are empowered with the tools, technology and processes to unleash their full potential.

Our solutions

InnerCamp for Corporate world

Our multi-level corporate program includes:

“Get back to Your self-awareness” training

  • 2 days on-site or online
  • 6 hours (daily effort)
  • 4 weekly online sessions (follow-up) 4 weekly online sessions (follow-up)
  • 4 weekly online sessions (follow-up) on-site or online

A one-month follow-up strengthens acquired skills, motivates and encourages adapting new principles to everyday life.

The training is based on the following disciplines:

Breathwork Psychology Communication Bodywork Coaching


Employees thrive in a collaborative and cross-functional environment. They experience less burnout, have a higher job satisfaction, feel a greater commitment to your company, increase overall performance.

InnerCamp for Corporate Option 1
Option 2 Option 2

Group workshops


  • online or on-site sessions (2 hours)
  • online or on-site workshops (4 hours)
  • in-house or on-site events (1 day)

Personalized well-being programs that elevate the employee experience and combat stress, creative blocks, psychological discomfort, lack of confidence and motivation. Through creating such shared experiences, you can reignite the sense of belonging and common purpose that inspires all of us to do our best work.


You set a specific goal, we offer a holistic formula to achieve it.

Workshop samples


Having too much stress becomes unhealthy for our body & mind. Our nervous system struggles and goes into overdrive. You can shield yourself from anxiety and relieve the symptoms of stress simply by adjusting your breathing patterns.

  • team leads, including top management all teams & departments, including top management
  • 4 weekly online sessions (follow-up) 1,5h
  • 4 weekly online sessions (follow-up) breathwork

  • Calm your nerves
  • Let go of the things you cannot control
  • Become more efficient
  • Focus on more positive, productive things
  • Find solutions for your problems, rather than just focusing on the problems themselves
  • Confront and catalog your worries
  • Transform anxious thoughts into productive actions


Unlock your limitless potential in managing people, projects, and your life. Don’t let the external demands dictate your actions and take control of the situation. Shift from limited sight to limitless vision, so you can better serve your company.

  • team leads, including top management team leads, including top management
  • 4 weekly online sessions (follow-up) 1,5h
  • 4 weekly online sessions (follow-up) bodywork and breathwork

  • Improve your problem-solving abilities and deep thinking
  • Make tough choices easily
  • Combat stress
  • See the big picture
  • Gain greater capacity to take control of your reactions
  • Create positive dynamic in your relationships with clients and colleagues
  • Find opportunities for growth.
  • Clarify priorities
Option 3 Option 3


What’s included:

creating a tailored program location scouting and booking organizing catering and transfers facilitating sessions
  • 2-4 days
  • Anywhere in the world Anywhere in the world
  • team leads, including top management 15-20 people (max)


Complete mind-body reset that will allow building sustainable and transformative change, maximizing your people’s potential and driving business success.


Where do I start?

  • 1Schedule a consultation call with our expert
  • 2During our 1-on-1 call we establish the goal that requires our involvement
  • 3Receive a personalized offer that efficiently tackles the problem
  • 4Book the experience
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