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About trainings

I have to admit that I did not expect it to be so life changing. It was a beautiful healing journey for myself and at the same time I have learned so many things that I can use when working with people. I found the whole breathwork program very informative, the team very responsive to any questions that I had and the online sessions were powerful.

Veatriki Kalopetridou
Breathwork Teacher Training

This course has changed my life. I have become much more creative and I have learned how to become more vulnerable. I have learned so much about myself, about my goals, and about the universe.

Michael Rahovich
Breathwork Teacher Training

The entire program is structured intelligently, you can always ask all your questions, have outstanding support. It really increases your confidence as a facilitator because you get all the techniques and practice that you need. I can fully recommend this program to anyone looking to become a successful and heart-centered breathwork practitioner.

Dorje Wulf
Dorje Wulf
Breathwork Teacher Training

Innercamp is a wonderful school with great teachers. Innercamp is a wonderful platform filled with very deep and well trained practitioners that made my experience very memorable. I found each teacher very easy to connect with and all that was transmitted was valuable and rich and has allowed me to find confidence and joy in sharing the Breathwork practices.

Naia Louise
Breathwork Teacher Training

Life changing journey! Tantra training helped me dive deep into myself and discover all the parts that hadn’t been seen before. It’s mind blowing! All the people at Inner Camp are just lovely and insanely good at what they do, and help you along the journey.

Żaneta Najgebauer
Tantric Embodiment Teacher Training

InnerCamp is a team of professionals that teach you, guide you, and make you feel you are in a safe space for self-improvement. I enrolled for the complete tantric embodiment course and the result is a high quality content and a super powerful and transformative experience. I was always offered support when I needed it. I recommand InnerCamp to anyone who wants to have a serious, profound and transformative experience of Tantra.

Peggy Sengelin
Tantric Embodiment Teacher Training

It gave me deeper insights in the womb awakening aspect of my work as a tantra coach and I attracted more clients specifically asking for this. Marjolein is an amazing and warm-hearted teacher.

Femke van Gurp
Femke van Gurp
Tantric Embodiment Teacher Training

My heart is so incredibly filled with gratitude, love, and joy. I was not only allowed to meet beautiful and lovely souls with whom I went on this very intimate journey, I was also able to shed another skin, and tear down this wall that has built itself up inside myself over time.

Andrea Anandani
Tantric Embodiment Teacher Training

I am so grateful I did the Cacao facilitator training. The depth, the opening of the ceremonies to call on all the ancestors and the medicine wheel…wow, so powerful. I am looking forward to give my own ceremonies with so much bliss and healing vibes.

Joke Aerts
Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training

InnerCamp is such a blessing. This is the most time and effort I have ever put into myself and personal growth. I regret nothing. I am healing.

Lisa Jorgensen
Breathwork Teacher Training

It was an amazing course! The breathwork sessions every week helped me dive deeper into my own processes and I was surprise how well breathwork works online! It´s a very well sorted out program that gave me a perfect preparation to feel empowered and at ease to facilitate sessions myself.

Julia Bamberg
Breathwork Teacher Training

I have found my tribe! Thank you Alexis for being such a wonderful inspiring guiding light, for bringing us all together, and for creating these phenomenal opportunities for yet more growth and empowerment.

Amanda Carroll
Tantric Embodiment Teacher Training

Big thank you for being such warm souls! Thank you Alexis for putting together this course. It has given me a skill for life and some experience that has helped me to find solutions and abilities to make my work much more valuable!

Vadim Turcanu
Breathwork Teacher Training

This course is excellent for anyone who wants to dive deep into the world of breathwork. You will come out with all the tools that you need to start working as a facilitator and not only that, you will learn a lot more about yourself too.

Bonnie Haas
Breathwork Teacher Training


About retreats & sessions

The tantra retreat went beyond my expectations. Great teachers with a lot of heart, amazing group, fantastic food. Truly the best gift I have ever given myself. I gained so much from it. Beautiful beautiful experience!

Somatic Bodywork Therapy Training

What a beautiful experience! its hard to describe in words but it was amazing. Everyday was so different and built on the previous days sessions and activities. It really helped me to go even deeper, surrender and let go! The vegan food was delicious and I feel very grateful to have met such a lovely group of souls, there was so much safety and love within the group.

Dee Bradley
Online-Onsite Somatic Bodywork Therapy Training

My retreat in Malaga was one of the best gifts I have given to myself. The way Inner Camp guided us during the retreat, all the workshops, integration meetings, meditations, breathwork sessions, everything was perfectly organized. Every day and every event you could see and feel that you were in perfectly capable, very experienced and loving hands.

Online-Onsite Somatic Bodywork Therapy Training

Overwhelming gratitude for each of these humans and how they touched my heart in a very special way. I felt seen, supported, and held, and my inner child felt free and at home. I saw people supporting and holding each other through their processes in a way I had never seen before. It reminded me deeply of who I am and what I am here for.

InnerCamp Retreat

I participated in an online workshop. I thought it would be a typical meditation class, but the technique was really powerful. I still can’t believe it. I want to know more and I just joined the teacher training!

Reinier Lunar
Virtual Workshops

I was blessed to find this team of light workers. I definitely felt safe and protected during the online session! Looking forward to other gatherings – keep up your great work, the world needs you.

InnerCamp Retreat

Amazing coaching session with Alexis that triggered a lot of positive energy in me! Not only did it mentally and spiritually calm me, it also convinced that learning to embrace these techniques may become one of the most graceful practices we can do.

Inam Haq
Virtual Workshops

The most profound experience was during shamanic breathwork sessions where I ended up in an altered state of consciousness where I could heal past traumas, remember trapped emotions, and experience a deep sense of knowing.

Ilja Alexander
InnerCamp Retreat

The retreat was a very unique experience. I realized things that I had never seen or thought about before. It was a true celebration of life, with many activities, great food and with very nice people. I absolutely loved it!

Javier Palace
InnerCamp Retreat

I love the professional and at the same time very personal approach of the Innercamp team. I highly recommend Innercamp to anyone motivated to live their most wonderful life. I am so much more in touch with my feelings and needs since I embarked on the journey.

Nathan Rajac de Vries
InnerCamp retreat


You don’t just expand your current knowledge, you expand your consciousness!

John-Willy Pelser

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