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We are happy to announce that we’ve created the InnerCamp Affiliate Program so that our affiliates will get a 5% commission on every reservation that is sold when they use a specific link (the affiliate link). In order to access the program, you need to get registered here on this page.

Once you sign up you will get a custom affiliate link that you can share to start earning affiliate commissions.

Please kindly make sure that the people you recommend us to will use the affiliate link. Only reservations made through this link will be considered for the InnerCamp Affiliate Program.

Conditions of the Affiliate Program:

(1) Financial compensation. You will receive a 5% of the price of the program/retreat/workshop sold at
(2) Commission Payment. The commission will be paid once the event has started and only if there were not full or partial refunds.
(3) No Commissions for Multiple Purchases. We will not continue to pay affiliate commissions when referrals buy more than once.
(4) Affiliates cannot use their own affiliate link. We will not pay affiliate commissions to affiliates who use their own link to buy.
(5) First Affiliate Wins. We do not allow affiliates to get credit for a lead if another affiliate has already referred the lead.
(6) First Source Wins. We do not allow affiliates to get credit for leads already in our system, even if they drive that traffic back to our site.
(7) Affiliate Link. The referral will have to use the affiliate link in order to get the commission. If the referral doesn’t use the link, they won’t be able to claim the commission after the purchase.

Covid-19 notice

This event cannot be held with masks or social distancing, so we ask everyone to be responsible and take the necessary steps to protect themselves and others.

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