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Our mission is to help you become the best version of yourself and learn to do the same for others. We believe that our greatest power lies in the ability to share the skills, knowledge, experiences and aspirations with those who are focused on their self-growth and well-being.

Our unique global community can change the world in the most gentle, knowledgeable and holistic way. Connect to our network through the InnerCamp App to share your journey and help other members find their path.

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Stories from InnerCamp members

  • I have to admit that I did not expect it to be so life changing. It was a beautiful healing journey for myself and at the same time I have learned so many things that I can use when working with people. I found the whole breathwork program very informative, the team very responsive to any questions that I had and the online sessions were powerful.

    Breathwork Teacher Training
  • This course has changed my life. I have become much more creative and I have learned how to become more vulnerable. I have learned so much about myself, about my goals, and about the universe.

    Michael Rahovich
  • The entire program is structured intelligently, you can always ask all your questions, have outstanding support. It really increases your confidence as a facilitator because you get all the techniques and practice that you need. I can fully recommend this program to anyone looking to become a successful and heart-centered breathwork practitioner.

    Dorje Wulf
    Breathwork Teacher Training
  • It gave me deeper insights in the womb awakening aspect of my work as a tantra coach and I attracted more clients specifically asking for this. Marjolein is an amazing and warm-hearted teacher.

    Femke van Gurp
    Breathwork Teacher Training
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