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Levels 1+2

Hybrid Onsite & Online Breathwork Teacher Training in Amsterdam


Levels 1 + 2

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Oct 25, 2023 - Jan 29, 2024

The InnerCamp Breathwork Method ® gives you a professional advantage in assisting your clients to unleash their true potential through a cutting-edge breathwork method proven by science.

Levels 1+2

Price: 2200€
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5 days onsite, 3 months online
65+ theory videos
300 hours in total
Onsite & Online course


InnerCamp and its Breathwork Method are registered and accredited by The Complementary Medical Association.

InnerCamp is a member school of  The International Breathwork Foundation​.

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InnerCamp Breathwork Method training is a CPD-certified program. 

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Breathwork helps to:

  • Remove physical, emotional and energetic tensions and blockages.
  • Reduce anxiety and stress-related symptoms.
  • Boost attention span and sharpen focus.
  • Reduce the perception of chronic pain or help cope with physical discomfort.
  • Open you to a rush of creativity while quieting your inner critic.
  • Calm your nervous system, stave off insomnia, and prepare your body for rest.
  • Strengthen the immune system by boosting antibodies and potentially reducing inflammation.

About the Course

Our course is based on the main
Conscious Connected Breathwork
techniques and is split in two levels.

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Level 1: onsite training

Module 1 is an onsite training in Amsterdam – this module focuses on healing your breathing pattern and learning the main breathwork techniques, learning how to guide one-on-one sessions, couple sessions and group sessions, bodywork, holistic coaching, techniques to hold the space and music composition.

Upon successful completion of Level 1, students will be presented with the Breathwork Specialist Certificate proving their active participation in the course.

Module 1 is for personal use only.

Level 2: online training & follow-up

Module 2 is an online training and follow-up – this module focuses on breath science, psychology, inner child work, trauma healing, how to organize breathwork workshops and retreats.

In order to receive the Breathwork Facilitator Certificate and be able to facilitate your own events and work with clients, you will need to successfully complete both levels.

Level 1: onsite training

The Program

Facilitated by
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Level 1: Specialist Certificate

40 hours
Oct 25, 2023 - Oct 29, 2023
  • Breathwork basics

    5 hours
    • Breathwork through history and today
    • The science of the breath
    • Healing symptoms and diseases with breathwork
    • Breathwork and Alpha, Theta and Delta Waves
    • The Vagus nerve & Breathwork
    • Breathing exercises to learn how to extend your energy cycle
    • Big human traumas
    • Breathwork and the nervous system
  • How to guide one-on-one sessions

    8 hours
    • How to guide one-on-one sessions
    • How to not retraumatize your clients
    • Activities that can be done in one-on-one sessions
    • How to avoid hyperventilation
    • Corrections to your breath
  • How to guide group sessions

    8 hours
    • How to guide group sessions
    • How to facilitate couple sessions
    • How to hold space in groups
  • Multi-style Breathwork

    8 hours
    • Breathwork to Release Trauma
    • Breathwork to Heal the Inner Child
    • Breathwork to Boost your Creativity
    • Energetic Breathwork + Ice Bath
    • Breathwork in water
  • How to hold the space

    6 hours
    • How to hold space
    • How to work with traumatized people
    • Bodywork techniques
  • How to facilitate online and onsite events

    5 hours
    • How to customize your own Breathwork session
    • Insurance and Liability
    • How to be a successful professional

Level 2: Facilitator Certificate

260 hours
Oct 30, 2023 - Jan 29, 2024
  • Science of breathwork

    20 hours
    • Respiratory system
    • Breathwork basics, uses, and types
    • Nose breathing vs. Mouth breathing
    • Psychology
    • Big traumas of human beings
  • Your breath journey

    50 hours
    • How to discover your breathing pattern
    • Corrections to your breath
    • Spiritual purification
    • Perinatal influences
    • Energy system
  • Breathwork for self-healing

    120 hours
    • Breathwork to heal birth traumas, the inner child and the inner teenager
    • Breathwork for Ancestral Healing (shamanic path)
    • How to rewire your brain with Breathwork
    • Breathwork to heal diseases and release traumas
    • Energetic Breathwork to boost the immune system
  • Bodywork

    10 hours
    • Reiki and Breathwork
    • Energy tools for Breathwork
    • Chakras and how they affect mental health
    • Healing work in Breathwork
  • Customise your own Breathowk sessions

    10 hours
    • Customise your own Breathwork session
  • How to faciliate online and onsite events

    50 hours
    • Music composition
    • Breathwork pricing
    • Spiritual purification
    • Tools for managing events
    • Organizing workshops and retreats

The training is facilitated by

  • Alexis Alcalá

    InnerCamp founder
    Breathwork master
    Tantric Embodiment coach
    Bodywork coach
    Cacao ceremony facilitator

    Alexis is an acclaimed breathwork master and embodiment coach, known for blending ancient wisdom with science and spirituality. After leaving the corporate world, he trained with top coaches in somatic therapies, coaching, tantra, energy work, transpersonal psychology, and breathwork, creating his signature method for healing, transformation, and the awakening of people’s potential. Over the past decade, Alexis has worked with thousands of people globally and certified over 1000 students. He inspires individuals to release past blocks and embrace their potential for happiness and abundance. With Alexis’ guidance, you can embark on a gentle journey towards the highest version of yourself.

  • Marjolein Van Ommeren

    Breathwork coach
    Sacred womb awakening
    Shamanic healing practitioner

    Marjolein strongly believes that we are all healers, and her holistic approach is based on this foundation. Her mission is to help people raise their vibration and restore balance in their lives by reconnecting them to their inner light. Marjolein promotes the wisdom of the Womb/Hara Awakening, an ancient, self-empowering practice that is returning to the Western world’s awareness, helping people reconnect to their true purpose and align their lives.

  • Sara Tonini

    Breathwork coach
    Earth steward
    Soul alchemist
    Womb-wisdom keeper
    Tantric Embodiment coach

    Sara is the scientist and the shaman, the academic and the witch. Her approach represents the bridge between the structured logic and the fiery creativity. As her career as a researcher was busy, Sara recognised the need to balance her life and started to embark on a journey of radical self-love through embodiment practices. She now shares her soul medicine through yoga, meditation and pranayama, conscious dance, cyclical living awareness, sex and intimacy coaching based on Tantra teachings and conscious breathwork.

  • Lisa Jorgensen

    Breathwork coach

    Lisa is a breathwork coach, meditation and tantra practitioner, yogi, online ESL teacher, music maker, vibe jockey, and storyteller. Her mission is her mantra: there is Magic in Movement. Thus, her favorite aspect of the energy of being is the dance. Not just bodily, but emotionally, energetically, mentally, biologically, and seasonally. Holding space and taking it up. Expansion and retraction, like the breath dances us.

  • Luisa Kubaschinski

    Breathwork coach
    Yoga and meditation teacher

    Luisa is a former civil engineer, who discovered holistic techniques during her own healing journey. After she experienced her first breathwork session, she wanted to share the magical power of breath with others from a spiritual, energetic and scientific point of view. She is now a certified yoga and meditation teacher and breathwork coach. Luisa’s motto is “Healing and well-being come from within, and our breath is our medicine”.

Become a Breathwork Method Facilitator that utilises a holistic approach to change people’s lives.

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YogaDreams Studio

Beautiful space filled with natural light and positive vibrations. Yogadreams is located in a beautiful characteristic building, the former Lutheran Orphanage and Armenhuis in Zaandam.

Please note that accommodation is not included in this program, and it will be the responsibility of each participant to arrange for their own lodging.

A healthy lunch will be catered each day.

Vinkenstraat 36A, 1506 CM Zaandam

Onsite Training

Amsterdam, Netherlands
9am – 6pm
October 25 - 29, 2023
Level 1 + 2

Online Breathwork Method Training

If you cannot join us in Amsterdam, we invite you to enroll in our Online Breathwork Method Training.
Study from the comfort of your home!

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Why students like InnerCamp

  • Access to the InnerCamp App.
  • Live Zoom sessions.
  • "Study buddy" interactions during the course.
  • Lifetime membership in our global community.
  • Individual feedback on assessments.
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  • Exclusive downloadable materials.
  • Free access to our virtual workshops.
  • Unlimited video replays on our eLearning platform.
  • Discount for your future InnerCamp experiences.
  • Study on your laptop or mobile with the InnerCamp App.

The moment you enroll, you connect with our fast-growing community of conscious people worldwide.

At InnerCamp, we believe that a single technique cannot fit everyone, and that is why our approach is more holistic offering a wide range of breathwork styles to implement in your practice.

We dive deep into the science, spirituality and benefits of each breathwork type to increase the effectiveness of the practice.

Our assignments are thoughtfully designed to initiate introspection, transformation and self-growth.

We provide a platform for collaboration with InnerCamp and other community members, so you can continuously evolve and improve.

We help you find your path, and your true calling.

Hybrid Onsite & Online Breathwork Method Training in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oct 25, 2023 - Jan 29, 2024
  • Module 1

    On-site Breathwork Training in Amsterdam

    Module 2

    Online training & Follow-up

  • Breathwork lectures

    Lifetime access to curated videos

  • Multi-style breathwork sessions

    60+ articles, access

  • Bodywork exercises

    Weekly assignments

  • How to guide a one-on-one sessions

    Personal counselling

  • How to guide group sessions

    Access to all InnerCamp virtual workshops for 3 months

  • How to guide couple sessions

    Essential and recommended reading list

  • Holding Space

    Members Hub

  • Breathwork Tools

    Discounts for InnerCamp experiences

  • Breathwork Business

    Lifetime Access to All Online Training Materials

  • How to find clients

    Access to 100 Breathwork Music Playlists

  • Pre and Post session

    Access to Guided Breathwork Journey Scripts

  • Protection for the facilitator

    Business documentation templates

  • Music playlist composition

    Lifetime acccess to Monthly Mentoring calls

  • What to say in a Breathwork session

    Study Buddy meetings

  • How to set boundaries

    Global community membership

  • How to work with trauma

    Certificate to facilitate InnerCamp Breathwork Method Sessions

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Level 1 + 2

  • Onsite training in Amsterdam
  • 3-month online course
  • 100 Breathwork Music Playlists
  • 65+ videos and 35+ articles
  • Personal counselling
  • Lifetimee access to Monthly Mentoring calls
  • Breathwork Method Facilitator Certificate
2200€ full price
500€ deposit
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Join the InnerCamp Retreat

24 Jun - 27 Jun, 2023

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Frequently asked questions

1. Full payment upfront: this means paying the entire amount for the training program in a single payment at the time of registration.

2. Deposit payment: this option requires customers to pay a deposit of 500 euros to secure their spot in the training program. The remainder of the balance is then due 2 weeks prior to the start date of the program.

3. Installment payments: This option allows customers to spread the cost of the training program over several months. The payment plan involves paying the total cost of the program in four equal installments, with each payment charged monthly from the customer's card.

Duration of daily sessions is 8 hours. We will do a lot of breathwork and introspection, so we recommend to take some time off after the sessions for integration. Please also try to avoid any social gatherings after the sessions because your mind and body will need some rest.

We recommend booking some accommodation near the event venue.

When you complete both levels of the Breathwork Method training, you become a skilled facilitator qualified to work with clients and help them meet their needs. You can adjust different techniques to best suit the individual and facilitate their healing process. Your expertise will allow you to empower people to take charge of their health and wellbeing, and reach their goal.

Yes, each level of our Breathwork training comes with a final exam. The purpose of this examination is to ensure students are able to recognise, recall and show understanding of knowledge; select, organise and communicate relevant information in a variety of forms; present and organise material clearly; use relevant terminology; and apply knowledge to real-life situations.

Those accreditation demonstrate our commitment to continuously create and provide the best learning opportunities to our students. It also proves that our course content has value for professional development. InnerCamp has been awarded the “CMA Registered Training School” status, which means our courses are registered and accredited by The Complementary Medical Association (The CMA) that contributes towards the development of the complementary medical and natural health industry. InnerCamp is a member school of the International Breathwork Foundation. This status acknowledges our achievements in influencing a healthier, more fulfilling, and purposeful life.

If you wish to claim CPD activity, the onus is upon you. The InnerCamp cannot be held responsible for the claiming or validation of hours or points. Please acknowledge that the InnerCamp Breathwork Method training is not a formal qualification. We note that any CPD certificate issued by the Member is evidence that the individual who completes this course will have undertaken the training and passed the Members own assessment criteria.

If you cancel your participation 60 days (or more days) prior to the event, you are eligible to request a full refund minus a 150€ administrative fee. You can also keep the credit and move your paid amount to any other INNERCAMP’s service of your choice just by paying the price difference (if any applies) and an additional 100€ administrative fee. The change will be allowed based on the availability at the time of the request. The administration fees are non-refundable.

If you cancel your participation 30 days (or more days) prior to the event, you are eligible to request a 50% refund. In case you only paid the deposit of the training, this deposit is non-refundable. In case you have chosen the monthly payment plan and only paid the first installment, this payment is non-refundable. You can also keep the credit and move your paid amount to any other INNERCAMP’s service of your choice just by paying the price difference (if any applies) and an additional 300€ administrative fee. The change will be allowed based on the availability at the time of the request. The administration fees are non-refundable.

If you cancel less than 30 days before the start date, you cannot get a refund and you will lose your credit.

For any cancellations related to the global pandemic, we highly advise to purchase a travel insurance to avoid any financial risks due to flight cancellations, COVID infection, etc. We are not liable for any cost incurred due to force majeure. Please check the travel restrictions and entry requirements to the retreat venue from your country of origin to prepare yourself for the trip.

Yes, you will have lifetime access to the course. If you wish to review a specific topic from the course after you finish it, or take the course again, you can.

Yes! Upon successful completion of Level 1+ Level 2, you will be certified as a Breathwork Method Facilitator. This diploma is valid worldwide.

After completion of the full course (Level 1 + Level 2) you will be able to run your own events. Our goal is to enhance learning by integrating theory and practice, and that is why we happy to provide opportunities for you to collaborate with InnerCamp. Our recent graduates have been facilitating online events to put their newly acquired skills into work.

In the InnerCamp Breathwork Training, we engage in a deep breathwork style where we reach altered states of consciousness. In Bodywork, we use a different kind of breathing technique, and we take breaks from activation. Although one can reach altered states of consciousness, it is milder and is not the main aim.

Because we have more control over our state in Bodywork, the Bodywork training is a more appropriate technique for people with trauma and who can get triggered easily. Breathwork is less controlled and can bring out more than a person is ready for. With Bodywork, the person controls how deep they want to go. There are rounds of activation and relaxation; the breather can choose where they want to work, how much they want to be activated, and how long.

The main focus is staying present with the body in Bodywork, while it is the opposite in Breathwork. In Breathwork, we dive deep within the mind; we come to a state beyond the body’s limitations.

While some breathwork approaches involve movement and bodywork techniques, it is not the main focus, while in Bodywork, we focus on the body entirely.

Breathwork is a better fit for people who want to start a profoundly personal journey; gain valuable insights; connecting with self, others, and the divine. Bodywork is better for people who want to connect with their bodies, learn to stay present, and want to release trauma (it is possible and common to release trauma with Breathwork too. However, it is essential to note that Bodywork is a somewhat more safe method for this).


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