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Inner child healing

  • Tantra

Reparent your wounded inner child and give them the love they have been waiting for.

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  • Apr 20, 2023
  • 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm Europe/Madrid
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About this Workshop

When we work on healing the child inside us, we heal future generations. As adults, we carry wounds from childhood, whether caused by something simple like being neglected or by something more complex and difficult like being abused. Many adults think that they are the only ones with these wounds and feelings, so they try to hide them because they believe this is what mature people are supposed to do.

Getting in touch with your inner child isn’t a sign of immaturity or a lack of desire to progress. Instead, it may make it simpler to comprehend your adult life, recover from past traumas, and face future difficulties with kindness toward yourself. It’s important to take care of our “inner child” so we can remember we’re not bad or broken people.

Join Sara today to reparent your wounded inner child and give them the love they have been waiting for.

This workshop is facilitated by

Sara Mosadegh

  • Nomadic nurse educator
  • Trauma-informed tantrika
  • Tantric Embodiment coach

Sara integrates her academic and clinical background in Nursing Practice (pediatrics, oncology, end-of-life care, pain management, and global and cultural health) with holistic integrative and complementary therapies. She helps clients identify their mental and physical triggers, patterns, or blocks to shift perspective and heal. With a trauma-informed therapeutic approach, Sara combines a broad set of traditional and non-traditional modalities to highlight mindfulness and self-awareness. Through a combination of talk, touch, and movement exercises, you will identify and release unhealthy patterns and responses to develop self-awareness and self-regulation.

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How to prepare for the session:

  • Take time to reflect on your intentions and motivations before attending the workshop.
  • Find a quiet and secure space where you feel comfortable and safe and where you cannot be overheard by others.
  • Prepare your space to be sacred and special. You can use candles, create a small altar, use any numerous symbolic figures for you. It is vital that you establish an environment where you are excited to be, and you feel safe and protected.
  • Allow and accept your emotions without resistance or judgment.
  • Be prepared to let go of any preconceptions or judgments about the practice and approach it with an open mind.
  • Remember that it is okay to pause or take a break if you feel overwhelmed or triggered.

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